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Is it wrong for me to want to see my 18 yo step daughter naked? She has a killer bod and is always showing a lot of skin. I have even thought of purchasing hidden cams. Wrong? Maybe but is it Normal?? Help

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I have two daughters that are grown up and left home. I started to be sexually attracted to them when they were in their early teens. They are my daughters but at the same time they are attractive young women who aroused my sexual urges. I think that it's normal for a father to be sexually attracted to his daughters. You have to do what most fathers do and control your sexual desires.

  • You know it's wrong sick fuck. You can't be that dumb.

  • Nothing wrong with that, man. I've been spying on my own daughter since she was twelve. I didn't fuck her, of course, until she turned 13, cause that just ain't right.

  • Wish i was your daughter im currently 13 and i need someone especially a daddy fuck me and use me as his little slutty baby

  • My 27 year old stepdaughter is hot as fuck. She's a little kinky and loves to talk about sex. There is no secret that she takes nude photos and sends them to her boyfriend. So when she got in trouble with the law and ended up doing a couple months in county, her mother and I went and cleaned out her apartment. I found her laptop and started searching it. I found a bunch of nude photos and sex videos of her and her boyfriend. I copied them.

  • Kinda wish i was her tho

  • Then what???

  • What you mean, then what. I fucked the bitch, what you think I did.

  • It's not wrong to find your step daughter attractive but it is wrong to invade her privacy. Are you still with her mother?

  • It is exciting and have been lusting after my stepdaughter since she was 16 and she Is 22 now. I got a hidden camera for my room and she uses our master bath and often change and get dressed in our room. She Is shaven and her tits are perfect and firm. I’ve not made a move and If her mom and I didn’t get along I would try to fuck her.

  • No your just a queer prick that needs a giant kick in the nuts, arsehole

  • You sound like a faggot when you say arsehole. Dude, it's fucking ASSHOLE. faggot sissy boy can't even say a bad word, oh my, it's a bad word.

  • Or maybe just a British person, fool.

  • Yep it's wrong stop it look at some porn there is plenty of free stuff you can look at
    without being the creep looking at there step daughter

  • Yes, leave her alone. Hidden cameras? Creepy as hell.

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