Why are all you people obsessed with fucking your sisters or mom's? Wtf is wrong with you guys? Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?

1.1 years ago

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    • Im also thinking the same weird as fuck😂

    • It's only fucking.

    • Guys top fantasies: to fuck your mates girlfriend, to fuck your girlfriends best friend, to fuck your girlfriends sister/sisters, to fuck his girlfriends mom and if I've left anyone out: aunts, nieces, grandmothers etc he will want to fuck them too

    • Seriously dude, I don't get it either, that's some fucked up shit...The only time my dick comes out of my pants at home is to piss or fuck my uncle's ass until he squeals like a pig...

    • Nah not me..my wife's mom and sister..yes! Ur damn right id tear both them passes! Idgaf!

    • I know what you mean. I used to feel the same way. Couldn't understand why some sick Mother would fuck her young son. But right after I turned 14 my divorced Mom's Black Lab " T-Bone" died and she turned to me for good hard cock. Of course at that age I wasn't as big as ole T-bone, but I made up for it with youthful enthusiasm !

    • It's a very common fantasy. Look at porn, its one of the biggest genres these days, its just reality

    • From class we learn it is the taboo and closeness of it that attracts

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