Watching the Wife.

For a while I have suspected my wife of cheating. on me. It was the little things at first, you know staying out late with her friends and getting home after 3 am. Having no underware on while shopping, being someplace she isn't supposed to be that kind of thing. I should explain my wife was in her late 30s and was a little chunky but she still had a great figure. She could turn heads when she wanted to, and she did.
I knew I had to catch her in the act so I hatched a plan. Summer was here and the air conditioners had to be put in our windows . I got one of my employees to go to my house to put them in . He was a 20 yr old horny kid, built like atlas and 6 ft tall . i explained his job was to flirt with my wife and try to fuck the shit out of her. His excuse for being there was to install the air conditioner in my bedroom window
The next day i called my wife to tell her my employee would come by to install the air conditioner. I showed up early and parked down the street so as not to be seen , he showed up with short shorts on and no shirt. She opened the door and let him in. I quickly went to the side of the house where i wouldn't be seen. i could see them in the bed room and they were talking and I could hear him flirting with her. I could tell it was working as her nipples were sticking out hard as rocks. I also saw that he had a huge bulge in his pants which she noticed right away. they started moving things around in the room to install the air conditioner when she rubbed her ass against his bulge. He pushed back and that was it she turned around and they embraced kissing like wild animals. the next thing i saw was the both of them tearing off their clothes. Before i knew it he was on top of her and he was fucking the shit out of her with his 7 inch thick dick. I used my cell to take as many pics I could. Then she rolled him over and she was on top of him and she began to work him over. She humped him like a pro and soon he was unable to hold back and he came in her , She was on top of her game that day as she polished him off . H lay there like a dead body when she said to him she wasn't finished and she jumped on his face forcing him lick her wet cum filled pussy. She grabbed his hair and pushed his face into her. She was grinning that evil grin she made when she was getting her way.
After about 20 min of this she came and got off him. she told him to finish his work and please leave.
I saw him later on and he was clearly drained, she had fucked the shit out of him and she loved every min of it.
When I came home that night i asked how was her day , she said the guy came over to install the air conditioner and there it was. she told me there were other air conditioners to be installed so could he come back tomorrow to install them ? I said ok no problem. She grinned that grin that said she will get what she wants.

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  • About 10 years ago when me and my wife were 26 and 24 and been married 2 years,things were really good. I had a great job,we had a nice place,my wife was working part time and finishing of her degree. But then the recession hit and I lost my job. We had to move out of our place. A "friend" of my wife's said we could stay at his place. I managed to get work after a couple weeks but it was a night job,working from 9pm to 7 am. I was always tired and only saw my wife for a few hours a day. We didn't have time for anything even sex and she worked weekends too. A few months had gone past and I'd got into routine. One night I'd left for work not feeling too good,got there and in 2 hours had to leave. Got back home parked down the road and came through the back gate to enter back door but decided to go look through the lounge window. My heart stopped. My wife was totally nude kneeling on the sofa leaning over the arm with her "friend" also nude fucking her doggy style. He was holding her hips and pounding away at her. Her head was down so I couldn't see her face. But then she leant up and looked kinda frowny and I thought she wasn't enjoying it,that's when he held her shoulders and really began ramming her. I could see her mouth was open now and she looked like she was moaning. Then unmistakably I saw her orgasm and she leant lower over the sofa. After a bit he turned her onto her back and entered her again. He fucked her like that for another 10 minutes,there was no kissing between them,he looked into her eyes and stroked her face and then I saw him cum. He lay on her for a couple minutes then got up. His dick was way bigger than mine and he didn't wear a condom. My wife got up and put her panties over her pussy and left the room. I saw the bathroom light go on. I left and went back to my car and slept in it,going back in the morning.

  • Its tough when you find that your loving wife is loving someone else. It also hurts when she lies in your face and you know it. your turn into a lost soul until you find a solution.

  • Well wouldn't say it was love just sex that helped through stressful times. The stress got to me and I couldn't even bring myself to have sex with her,when we tried I couldn't even keep it up. She tried to help sometimes. I found myself thinking of them fucking and used to be ashamed to admit it got me hard and was the only thought that helped me get off. One time we were making out in bed and she was stroking me,I was thinking of her being fucked doggy. She asked what I wanted her to do,I said suck me off.So she sucked me while I laid back.All the time thinking about her having another cock.I soon came in her mouth. Another time I came too early but she wanted more sex.She asked if there's anyway she can help.I told her that I knew about her and her friend.She was shocked and freaked out but I told her it's OK and told her it turns me on alot and I know how she can help.I told her I'd like to watch again.So a few nights later I went out and she had sex with him but I came back after half an hour and watched them fuck again through the window.She put on a good show.Sucking his cock and deep throating him.They fucked missionary first and she kissed him passionately.Then riding him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.She couldn't see me because it was dark but she smiled at the window.I watched as he fucked her hard in doggy and she thrust back wanting it harder. She then had one hell of an orgasm and collapsed onto the floor but he carried on and filled her pussy with cum. My cock was rock hard. I waited an hour then came back.She was waiting in bed. We kissed as I played with her messy pussy,there was so much cum. I entered her and fucked her sloppy pussy lasting about 5 minutes. We cuddled up and I fell asleep inside her.

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