Is it wrong for me to sneak pics of my wife in her panties, in the nude, in the shower? She doesn't want me photographing her, but i am using it as mast material when she is away. Ladies am i wrong to do this for my pleasure?

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  • At first I hated it but I've always been comfortable with my figure so I didn't mind. But then came the time when he confessed to drunkenly showing his work friends as they were all doing it.And of course I was mad but when he said that they all thought i was super hot,I was ok and turned on,especially since some of those guys are in their twenties.

  • Sweet, sounds amazing, thank you for sharing

  • My wife would not allow pic taking either. Since we live at home naked it would be very easy to do. One day she heard the clic of my phone and she caught me. I got the "look" and was told again no pics. She asked to see it so I showed her.
    Then she did a turn around. She said you can take all the pics and vids you want but if you post them no more pics and vids. Quite often she will pose for me to photograph her for jacking material. I do not post her pics or vids on
    line or share them.

  • I have dozens of videos and pictures of my wife that she doesn't know about. I love sneaking them

  • And yeah, its wrong

  • Another dumb fucking post! *Facepalm* Sorry dude, but come on! If a girl is willing to be with you and marry you, they’re ok with you taking pics of them for self pleasure. They’re ok with giving you a handjob and anything else you want and you asking whatever is on your mind. Only thing to worry about is anal...and strapons if you’re into that kind of thing.

  • Umm i don't allow my husband to take pics of me. We've been married 4 years, but really, how well can you trust someone? Who's to say hes not gonna post them online in years to come. You just don't know!

  • He is gonna post them online. You are right to be weary. People like me would love to see them.

  • If you go into a marriage thinking you may end up not trusting him years later, you have issues honey. That’s your problem, and you should get help.

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