Closet Bi

I am grown happily married man who happens to have a secret, I like to suck cock. I have never cheated, nor will I but every now and then I have a urge to be with another guy. My wife knows of my past sexual experiences with men and we’ve talked about bringing in a third person but she is not comfortable and I can respect that. However at the same time my desires don’t go away. I watch bisexual porn and my favorite scenario is when the wife catches the husband and his partner and decides to watch and eventually join in, so hot. Maybe some day....

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • What is this. You need to talk to God

  • Do you live in Florida

  • Yes, Clearwater. Let’s hook up, I’ll be at the local cruise spot on Friday.

  • I thought i was bi also. My wife fucks other men and I watch them. She makes fun of my little cock and then makes me clean up her lovers cocks using my mouth after they fill her snatch full of cum. I love licking their semen out of her sexy hot freshly fucked pussy. It's the life being a cuckold. I admit it. I am a fucking little dick cuck. She doesn't allow me to fuck her. But I enjoy watching her and her lovers and sucking their cocks. I really want a big one in my asshole. I have been using several of her life like dildos the largest is around 8 inches balls deep. Oh boy I am loving other men's cocks. I also want to suck their assholes too. Anyone want to play with me? I be a real good little cock sucking cuck.

  • Yes where are you I caught my wife having sex with a man I told her I was divorcing her I got drunk one night and fell asleep in guests room my wife woke me sucking my cock then I fill a mouth on my balls it was her man friend he was licking my balls and tongue fucking my ass my wife had me ready to cum so I pushed her mouth away from my cock and grab his hair and made him suck my cock he did not want go get cum in his mouth I had him buy the ears and forced my cum filled cock down his throat he swallowed all my cum he said he was going to throw up he was bent over the sink in the bathroom I walked up behind him pulled down his underwear witch look like my wife I put oil on my cock head and ramed it in his virgin ass he was screaming telling me to stop that he was not gay I grabbed his hair and pulled him all the way back and fucked his asshole hard he cried like a little girl I told him now his asshole was mine now when he comes over he wears a dress and his wife under wear even a bra one day I will fuck his wife to

  • Wow hoooooooot

  • You will not rest until you find a cock to suck. Then you will not rest for wanting more cock to suck. Then you will suck more cocks for their cum. Then you will not rest because you want nothing else. Then you will be the cum slut you really are.

  • This is me now, this has happened to me. Who cares about my wife’s pussy? All I want is cock to suck and cum in my mouth. I am a cum slut now, I cannot help it.

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