Self sucking

I lost so much weight that I can get a substantial part of my cock in my mouth, and lick my own balls. I really went to town tonight. Involuntarily moaning, licking, sucking. And then I came in my mouth, and swallowed.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I used to suck myself off all the time, when I was young and flexible, like 30 years ago. I tried it about a year ago, and blew two discs out of my lower back, and sprained a muscle in my neck.

  • Self sucking is something that I slowly stopped doing as I got older and less flexible. I started to push my cock up my ass, I get semi erect put my cock between my ball's with one hand I push it down to fully extend it, and with my other hand I pull my cock up to my asshole and slip it in. I can get half my cock in my asshole and fuck myself. It feels fantastic, I love to cum in my own ass. But it's a lot better when my wife does it, she can do it so much better than I can alone.

  • Oh yea! I first started doing that out of curiosity as a horny teenager and it served me well for many years when no one else was around to do the job. Eventually, I became able to suck myself all the way through completion and swallow without losing my enthusiasm in the midst of orgasm, which is a common issue.

  • During my young years I too have sucked myself and swallowed the cum pumping directly to my mouth.

  • I could do this when I was younger. I had never admitted it to anyone until I lived with my gf our first year of college. She was shocked and instantly wanted me to show her. She was amazed and started to help me try and get me further into my mouth. She became obsessed with me doing this, and it became almost like a routine for us. Things got really weird between us for the next year until we broke up, and I wished I had never told her my secret.

  • Really weird, how?

  • Well for starters, every time we fooled around she would want me to do it for her. She would tease me about being "her cocksucker" and started to refer to my junk as "his". Like she would tell me to suck "his" cock. She also got interested in using her toy on me, and it honestly felt like she wanted to turn me gay. All her friends knew that I sucked more cock than she did, and I was always embarrassed that everyone thought I was bi

  • Started self suck at 14, now 31. I'm obsessed by it and swallowing. I love this CoVid lockdown, my cock has been in my mouth all the time. God knows how much cum I swallowed.

    My cock hurts from all the self oral, but it like a drug. So fucking taboo and perverted but cumming this way is the only way I am sexually satisfied.

    I can't get hard with a man or woman. Even jerkin off i can't get hard , only if my cock is in own mouth do I get hard and cum.

  • When I discovered I could suck my own tits I didn’t leave the house for an entire weekend.

  • How big are your 🍈🍈

  • Me too. In high school at 15, I put on 30 pound and my boobs got big. On a whim I tried sucking them, I could and got off on it and it became part of my masterbation. I did it constantly I became addicted to the orgasims I had from it.

    I'm 24 now and rarely have sex with anyone, my dildos and anal plug please my privates and my mouth my boobs. I stil cum from it.

    I've only had sex 5 times. Got pregnant three times and gave the kids away. I'm too fucked up to raise them. But I loved drinking my own milk. My body produced so much milk from my constant sucking. I want to get knocked up again to have my boob ecstasy again.

  • My tits got HUGE and lactated when I started taking the pill. Thankfully my boyfriend loved nursing.

  • How big are your boobs

  • Enjoy as a teen I could suck the head get it in my mouth cumming in my own mouth sheer heaven.
    Alas body not flexible enough to enjoy now

  • Good for you enjoy :)

  • Lick your own balls? Do you practice extreme yoga or something?

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