Living the life

I don't remember how old I was when I was introduced to sex but it was pretty young,
Some of my first memories are of me sitting on the sink in the kitchen with naked uncle Mart giving me a bath and he took a ling time soaping me down and paid a lot of attention to my pussy fingering me through my pussy lips with his finger all slimy with the soap .
Well Mom worked in the hospital and Dad was no longer around and all I ever saw of him is in pictures,
I had an older brother and Uncle Mart would watch us at night when Mom was at work.
I remember him telling me several times not to tell Mon what he was doing and I liked Uncle Mart and it felt good to so I promised each time not to tell.
One time his little finger slipped into me and I remember that feeling today.
I am sure that I was to young to orgasm but as he fingered me I thought I was going to faint from the pleasure.
For many years we did this with him his other fingers into me and he would show me his cock and let me play with it to and tell me what to do until he would cum all over my arms and hands.
Then he would give me a bath and finger me to .
I guess I was about 7 0r 8 when I had my first orgasm and it felt like I was being turned inside out it felt so good
It was about this time that my older brother became curious about sex and we experimented and he was the first boy to get his cock in me but he came so quickly that I did not get much pleasure and I told uncle Mart about it and he wanted to try so I sat on the sink board with my legs hanging over the edge and he pushed my legs apart and he tried to get his cock in me but it was to big but he kept trying until he came all over my pussy.
I was determined though to find out what it would be like so one day he laid on his bed on his back and had me sit on his cock .
I remember that I had to raise up and lower myself back down and I guess that helped to open me up but even though it hurt I gamed myself down on his cock and it felt like he had shoved a log up inside of me .
I sat there unable to move but Uncle Mart was in a frenzy and he was lifting me off the bed with each stroke until he came .
After about the third time we did that I had my first cock induced orgasm and I loved it.
I think I screwed over half of the boys in high school but I still visited uncle Mart for my best orgasms and even now that I am happily married with two children I visit UNK from time to time and lately I have become a cuckold wife.

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