Mother -in-law

Been married 5 years . My wife’s mom Lisa is a milf
She looks a lot like my wife she is just over 5 foot tall probably 140 pounds alittle chubbier than my wife round ass small tits
Yes I like smaller tits big one just sag hers are still perky for a 45 year old.
We both worked at same store together she got me the job when I married her daughter.
Our relay we became close. Then me being attracted to her I would flirt when we were alone. She would brush it off and laugh
One day she made a comment I needed to stop I was married to her daughter but it was not a serious comment it was more a flirt response.
I came back with well you need not to have such a sexy ass.
Long story short we started a affair that lasted almost a year.
We did it all the time. It was such a rush pounded Lisa and then her daughter the same day.
We were bold no one would ever suspect us.
My wife got pregnant and then Lisa wanted us to stop so we did. Every once in awhile we get alone and yes I know we will again

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  • Wow nice ,I got lucky too I'm fuck my ex mother in-law she is hot courager ...I have pic of her and video suck my D 🤪🤗

  • Nice. wish i could see a pic of her

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