Strange But fun

As time goes by, things changes and you wish you could go back. I had a younger partner who was very sexual active. He was very convincing in having a threesome relationship with my dearest friend Linda. She too was very convincing in having a threesome with me sharing my partner with her. This was years back. When I introduce my partner to Linda they automatically hit it off. Linda liked to flaunt her big breast and always gave me hugs and kisses.
My partner kept suggesting a swing session with Linda. Finally I gave in. We was staying at a motel near the beach. Linda in her bikini looked enticing to my partner that he was horny most of the time. He and I would fool around in the motel room while Linda was sunbathing on the beach. I give him my best talented head job to get his mind off Linda and swallow his cum. The motel door opened and Linda saw me deep throating my partner. She removed her bikini top and offered her tits to my partner. "Yeah, suck and play with her tits while I suck on your cock." I said to him because they craved each other.
"He's endowed and I don't know how you can take it in your mouth." Linda giggled. "Why don't you mouth my tit for a change of habit?" "You mouth her tits while I eat your sweet pussy." said my partner. While I sucked on Linda's tits my partner ate me while fingering Linda's clit. That was the start of our threesome.
We sexually got involved in using toys in our play time. My partner would have his dick in her while I place my strap on in her too. We would go to Linda's place and my partner would watch me insert all sizes and types of dildos into her. My partners favorite was a horse like strap on. Linda would wear it and I would suck on it and my partner's cock while he rope bra her.
It wasn't just swinging sex between us. We did lots of social activities together. Oh, to go back in time.

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