Guilty Stepdad

My Stepdaughter was 15 when her Mom and I got together. She was already very well developed for her age and was just a knockout! Her and her Mom were never really close and Courtney and I hit it off from the start. So I ended up being the parent that was always there for her. Fast forward 5 years and she was now 20, she had Been through a couple failed relationships and I was always there for her. Nothing sexual, just to comfort and console her when she needed me. Her Mom had been slowly losing interest in sex over the previous couple of years. I started to reach out to her, much in the same way she did me, and she was there for me too. She was living at home at the time and so we had lots of alone time together. Our feelings for each other grew stronger, we were talking or texting almost constantly, and spending all of our free time together. The first time we made love was on a weekend her Mom was out of town. Courtney and I lived as newlyweds that weekend and fucked almost constantly! She tuned out to be an amazing lover, and the things she hadn’t done she wanted to try. Reality hit when we were trying to straighten up the house and remove all evidence that we had fucked in just about every square inch of that place over the last couple days! Her Mom seemed to sense something after that, and tried to limit our time together. We both felt guilty and agreed to enjoy our memories of our time together and leave it at that. We lasted a month or so, then found an opportunity and it was more passionate than the first time I think! That was 10 years ago, and she is now married with 2 kids. We have probably agreed to stop about 50 times at this point, but I know as soon as the opportunity presents itself, we will take advantage of it! The sex never gets old, she is always thinking of something new to do sexually. Her husband is not very adventurous at all when it comes to sex, so she is always horny as hell and ready to take it out on me, and I’m ok with that!

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • It's not incest because it's his stepdaughter, but it's still a really hot story! LOVE IT!

  • Sick incest propaganda.

  • You are guilty! Shoot yourself in the head and make the world a better place I told you all I will voice my opinion here.But good news I have told everyone about this fucked up place and they are coming to help me. Well that is good news for me bad for you.

  • Oh, go screw yourself, you sanctimonious pile of crap.

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