My admission and my wife's admission

My wife and I were in bed. Fooling around getting warmed up for sex. She asked if I could fuck anyone else who would it be. We have a solid relationship so I can answer honestly and her not be mad. I told her Scarlett johansen. She said, "Yeah she is pretty hot. Under what circumstances?" I said, "Any circumstances. If she was here right now I'd fuck her with you watching." She said, "Well I'd have to get in on that action." Now she isn't bisexual in that she hasn't ever been with another woman but i can see why she'd say that.

I asked her the same question. She said, "Most definitely would be James." I said, "James?" She said, "Yeah from work." She is a nurse at a hospital in town. I said, "Not a celebrity?" She said, "Nope. James is fine as hell. I'd suck his dick right here right now if he was here." I said, "Oh yeah?" I was kinda turned on. She said, "Hell yeah. He has a big dick. (I don't) He could bend me over and fuck me silly any day."

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  • James has already been banging your wife so it's soon going to be over for you. That whore of yours will forever regret marrying you with that small cock and she will never be satisfied with anything your size. You've pretty much fucked yourself with your little game legitimizing her adultery, at least in her eyes anyway, albeit after the fact. Cut loose now, find something and more on the side and say sayonara to her.

  • You're a moron!

  • You better find out about her and james. Your both ready to swing. Start fucking. Find a third. M or F and get busy.

  • Had she ever been fucked by james?

  • How does she know how.big his dick is?

  • To answer a few questions. I know for a fact that my wife had not fucked James. At least not yet. There was more to this story, but it got cut off somehow. I got so horny hearing her wanting James that I told her to arrange it. And she did. Before I tell you about that night I'll explain that she was at work one evening shift and was getting some stuff out of the cupboards when she saw James watching her from the doorway. She was bent over and he got a hard on checking out her ass. That's how she knew how big he was. Anyway, when he came over to the house for our little get together, I left them alone for a while to get to know each other better. I over heard him asking her if she was sure I was okay with it. She told him I had asked her to arrange it. Then he admitted having the hots for her for some time. It became quite clear that they had never been together sexually before that night. Not that it matters. Because that night I watched him fuck my wife several times. I also watched my wife suck his cock and swallow every singe drop of his cum. Yes he has a very large dick. And when I watched him cum in her and saw it oozing out all around his cock inside her I started jerking off like mad. It sent huge surges of pleasure shooting through my body to see him filling my wife's pussy with his cum. Watching them hugging and kissing afterwards as his semen flowed from my wife's cunt drove me crazy with lust. She was careful to make me feel like I was being included but I just wanted to watch him do her again and again. He spent the night with us and fucked her again in the morning before coffee. I loved every minute of it. Now before you say that she's going to take off with him and leave me, she has thanked me so many times for doing that night and when I asked her if she would do it again, she said she would only do it if I was there. Our sex life is way better now than it was before.

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