Fingered my mate mum

Two years ago I fingered my mate mum, I was at my mates family anniversary party and it was a really good party.
Plenty of drink and food lots of dancing it got so hot in there people were going outside to cool down.
The end of the evening only a few people left I was outside sitting down and my mates mum came out drunk saying there you are my darling how are you, she sat on my lap and said have you enjoyed yourself tonight then she said come on give me a kiss, she grabbed my face with both hands and started kissing me full on tongue in me, she was really going for it so I just put my hand up her dress and inside her knickers she put one foot on the floor opening her legs, I had two fingers inside her pussy, I got her pussy squelching with wetness then we heard voices so she jumped up and walked off.

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  • I got fingered by one of our neighbor's son and his dad, at a backyard BBQ. They both had been flirting with me and getting a good view and feel of me in my shorts and bikini top. The son I snuck into the garage with and let him kiss and finger me till I was cumming for him. His dad was later that night when the two of us were in the side yard getting friendly with each other. Dad gave me a long hard finger orgasm and I gave him a proper handjob as his reward.

  • Went to a wedding reception for my younger brother at the lodge. There were a bunch of people there drinking and having a good time. I got over heated. Maybe from drinking, or maybe from not eating. I don't know, but I decided to walk down by the lake. When I got there I noticed a lady standing on the dock. It was the mother of the bride. I asked her how she was doing and she told me her husband had left after they got in an argument. I was about to leave when she told me to stay. Minutes later we were kissing and I was fingering her pussy. As quickly as it started, she stopped it and walked away.

  • Yes they are, not my friends mom but the neighbor out by our lake house. We were drinking and having a blast we got the neighbor lady to do a beer bong upside down, while holding her with my brother her legs spread and OMG her pussy was exposed from her swim bottoms... so no better time than now I fingered her and she was soaking wet. I was just high from her scent , I licked my fingers and it was awesome.

  • Drunk moms are the best.

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