Lazy husband makes me cheat

Every time I walk past my lazy husband it motivates my more to fill myself with as many cocks as possible. But I shower him with all the affection I can. Because twice a month for the last year my best friend and I have a spa weekend. And waiting a the hotel for us are two handsome young men from her job. And they stretch a fill every hole on our bodies, this month I’m going to try anal for the first time. But every time I come back home, my husband always tells me how happy I look and how glowing my skin looks. He always tells me he’s going to buy me the cream they use at the spa. But it’s my beauty secret that it a mixture of the two young men’s cum that covered my face all weekend.

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  • I have a “friend” that we’ve been having an affair for 6 months. All her friends have been telling her how happy she is and how amazing she looks.

    I’m so happy that I’ve left my soul sucking wife and she is leaving her husband at the end of the month. And before anyone says “yeah she is” her lawyer has already written up her papers to serve him.

    Feels good to be happy for the first time in decades.

  • Umm...I guess if your husband doesn't want to have sex, and you come home happy, your skin glowing...

  • The Mighty anti incest warrior may have something to say to you because your a slut

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