I'm a bad son

My mother has always bee a very hard and dom woman. If we kids did not do as she wanted we got some slap on the face. that even went on as long as we put our shoes under her table. I never saw her smile. over the years I learned to hate her. We have to give half of the money we earned to her. each month. Until we married. But then we had to be with her on each weekend and had to work in her haushold and in her garden. it became more and more the older she got.

Two months ago she got sick and the doctors said she needs help 24/7 now. we hired a nurse who now lives with her. the nurse is a retired whore and thats why we hired her. From a friend who is a breeder for labradors we from time to tome get sone tissoes with the smell of bitches in heat.

When my brother and I visit our mom, we never take our families with us, only our 2 dogs. wie intentionally did not get them neutered. So they can't live with uns inside our houses but they watch outside. We take them both with uns to visit our Mom. The whore-nurse takes the tissoes and wipe her with it. and she dresses her without any underware. Mom does not realize it. It lasts only about some minutes until the dogs know where the smell comes from. They knock her over and when she tries to get away, the dogs are on her and she gets fucked. For uns its the best cinema of all times. Our mother on all fours and the dogs alternatly fuck her. sometimes each 3-4 times until they get tired.

We both masturbate while our Mom gets fucked. As Boys we were not allowed to do so.


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  • Why don't you have a go at her after the dogs finish? Do her hard in the ass to get the revenge you seek.

  • My mom was abusive when i was growing up. From spanking me bare ass, smacking me in my face and upside my head as i grew older. Finally when I was 15 I knew I could take my mom. We were having a shouting match in her bedroom, but this time when she tried to hit me upside the head, i caught her hand and pushed her down on the bed. She immediately got back up and as soon as she did, I pushed her back onto the bed. She lay there so surprised she couldn't say anything. I reached under her tank top, no bra, and began fondling the tits I'd wanted to feel for years. Still so round and firm. Perfect areolas and nipples that poked out nicely. In shock, my mom still didn't say anything. I started sucking on her nipples as I slid my hand under her shorts, over her pubic hair to her pussy. I fingered her pussy and she began to moan. I pulled off her shorts, dropped my shorts, and stuck my hard cock into my mom's wet, warm, and tight pussy. I groped her tits as I fucked her hard until she had an orgasm. Hearing her moaning, sometimes almost screaming, made me cum so hard inside her pussy. Now I'm the man of the house and I fuck my mom when I please.

  • Well, l hope you bring home the bacon, then

  • Read through again, nothing makes sense

  • It kind of makes sense... mistreatment in childhood caused resentment, so the sons take revenge on their incapacitated mother by training their dogs to fuck her, with the help of her nurse who was a former prostitute, as the nurse places the scent of female dogs in heat (that they obtain on tissues from another friend that breeds dogs) on their mother's genitals. The rush of degrading their mother in this way and the sight of the dogs penetrating her excite them so much that they jerk off together while watching.

    Not bad as far as revenge goes, l guess.

  • True about the revenge thing. I was watching some tv true crime show and this guy grew up with a totally dominating mom. When his dad passed away his mother insisted that he move back in since he was not married. Few years later he turned her into a sex slave chained up in a room downstairs. He was not very smart about it though because he never got rid of all the sex toys and bondage stuff. They figured he might have been planning to do it to someone else.

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