My ex gfs forbidden younger sister

So I got with my ex back in secondary school, I was 16 going 17 and she was 15 going 16, yes we still fuvked when I was 17 and she was 15 at that age she knew I like the underage fetish and used it all the time to make me cum, and the idea of a young teen school girl was planted skip ahead 3 years and my gfvat the time sister was developing nicely age 14 34b cup tits size 6 I know this as I sniffed her panties and this quickly escalated to me coming into her bras,clothes, moisturizer, tanning solution, heels and drinks and food on her side table, but It wasn't just her looking good that made me do it the fact she walked round first in a crop top booty shorts no underwear or bra, then abit later a short t shirt she'd nicked of her bf again covering nothing, how could I not release my pent up lust and desire, best day was her 16th birthday meal, the day before I was so pent up as not cum I a few days so I go and put a huge load in her tanning solution her new foundation and her heels, I'd cum on all her sexy clothes, so I carry on my day and I know we are off for a meal but when I get there I see her little sister with fake tan on her new make up, the bra I came in over 10 times with massive loads and clothes and heels soaked in cum, I was hard all dinner and car journey but abe had to be wearing atleast 60% my cum or more, luckily I stole a pair of panties before the split, but we might be getting back together after I got in some trouble about her sister but her parents and younger sister as well as ex want me back, so if I go back shall I got back to it and more or just try leave it as I want to but if you saw her you'd want what I want to do with her virgin body shes 17 now but hopefully I can make her my drunk 18 to virgin slut before I get back with her sister

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