I have a fascination with sixty-nineing other guys.

I seriously love sixty-nineing other guys. That simple. To me, it's the ultimate example of what sex should be; nobody needs to dom or sub anybody, we're both here to have fun so what's so wrong with acknowledging it? I've done it with every lover I've ever had, fallen asleep and woken up with a mouth on my dick and his within licking distance, which is really good.

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  • I kind of had a 69 with another guy once, but not in the usual way of thinking. I was giving my 4th blowjob ever, and he was laying on his back on his bed, and I was on all fours beside him. He reached down and pulled my hips towards him, so I shifted until we were north/south but I was still beside him. Feeling him pull my lacy thong to the side, I had never felt so vulnerable knowing he was looking at my hole. It felt amazing to have him in my mouth and ass as he started to finger me. It didn't take long after he started to finger fuck me that he filled my mouth with his cum. So embarrassing

  • Sounds amazing!

  • I used to 69 with my best friend when we were teenagers. We used to do it all of the time. I miss those days.

  • You're all a bunch of lonely gay men wankers....

  • I'm not lonely. I am getting plenty of cock.

  • Likewise. Unattached gays have an easier time finding some casual dick than normals.

  • I am a guy that love 69 you lay on your back it makes me hard watching a guy clime up over your head to your face and his hard cock and balls swing over your face with his big balls hanging down both balls drop right in your mouth hairy balls are ok but shaved balls are unbelievable feeling in your mouth and if your man is in the right place your mouth and tongue can lick and slide in that nice asshole with every lick in his asshole you can tell your man is happy as shit Then his cock rubbing your lips wow and when he pops the sweet cock head in your mouth and down your throat it's easy to slide down that's a great feeling when he pumping your mouth you can tell he is happy because that cock is so hard and long I love being fucked in my mouth nice and slow that way I got that cock in my mouth a long time with his balls banging off my chin I like when he cums I like when that long hard cock is all the way down my throat when he cums it feels great for both I no most men and women can't take all that cum down there throat it took me a while to but my wife showed me how now when we have my wife men friends drop by for fun they tell me that I am a better cock sucker them my wife don't get me wrong I do like she her buddy's feel my mouth up with cum I love the taste and how hot it is plus my wife likes kissing me when my mouth is full of cum I no she jealous the men do like my wife because for a 55 year old woman she got a great body and unbelievable tits they like to fuck and suck but my wife pussy is so freakin tight the men love it I think it's because she is so wet and hot in there and my asshole is just tight and they have to lube me up my wife like sitting on my cock facing the men that fucking my mouth we do like all kind of fun stuff in our bedroom when the man or better yet men leave they are spent we been married over 35 years

  • One more thing we love when women drop by they seem to like me fucking them in the doggy possession while my wife is 69 her and eating that pussy up my wife likes when I pull my cock out of a sweet hot pussy and pushes it in her mouth and my wife like that to when a man is fucking my asshole and he pulls out and rams it down her throat when she 69 me when my wife is ready to cum and is cuming she will do any thing that the wild part

  • I have also 69 with a guy and enjoy being on the bottom letting him control the tempo in and out of my mouth.

  • I want to 69 a guy

  • If it's your first 1 on 1 69 a guy I want you what your story you can be on top so you can forces that cock down my throat and fill my belly with your cum

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