Well Endowed Virgin

I am a virgin. My penis is about 8 inches long and is about 5 3/4 inches thick. Im also 6 ft tall and pretty muscular.

Sometimes I bulge in public (I dont buy clothes to do it on purpose, but its hard to avoid sometimes because of how large I am) and I like when I get the occasional glance or stare from attractive women. When I was younger, I didnt realize that I had to be careful with choosing pants / underwear until a day in college where I noticed a lot women glancing down there throughout the day. It took me some thinking about to realize since I was a freshman when that happened (I've gotten a little bigger since then, btw). That's the closest to real attention I've gotten in that area.

I have a fantasy that one day in the near future, I will finally get a beautiful girl in bed, and as I go in, my long and thick penis compared to her body will look like something out of a porno, and she'll tell me about how Im the biggest that she ever had. I dont brag about how hung I am in general, but I cant wait until I can brag about it to a girl as Im rocking her world with it.

Tbh, half the reason Im posting this is to brag about what Im working with, but the other part is as the confession that at my age, Im still a virgin (despite the fact that I have a huge penis).

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Do you know how big around 5 3/4 inches is?? So big that in 35 years of watching porn, I have NEVER seen a hard cock that big around! I don't know if I've even seen one 4 inches thick. Recheck your measurements, or watch some porn and you'll see and learn.

  • Im talking about girth, not width

  • It's ok to be small, I learned as long as your boys smell, she'll love that about you...

  • I have a tiny non functioning micro penis and have to use dildos to give wife the penetration she needs. Would love for your real flesh cock to give her your 8 inch dick. If your ever in Ohio my sexy horny wife Kimberly needs your cock👿

  • I wont be in Ohio anytime soon, but Ill keep that in mind, sounds like a good time.

  • I would love to fuck your wife. I have a very big uncut cock. Im fit and clean, no drugs , and am good looking as others have told me.where in Ohio are you?

  • Were in Canton, very close to Football Hall of fame. Would you be willing to weara condom and be ok with me licking wifes clit while you fuck her?

  • Right, every guy knows the exact circumference of his dock, especially the virgins with nothing better to do but put a tape measure around their dick while they play with it. Enjoy your geometry, you’ll not have a girl with that mind set! My dick my dick lol

  • I measured it at one point, thats how I know. Theres a reason Im posting this here and not talking about it day to day lol.

  • All he did is brag about his cock. Thats the real reason he is still a virgin. In fact he is hung like a stud field mouse.

  • I dont brag about my size to people I know or see irl, this is anonymous for a reason.

  • Thats all you did in your bull shit post. How do you know it is 5 3/4" thick you measure it? You sometimes bulge because how large it is. Give us a break! The only truth is that you are a virgin with a micro dick.

  • Every guy measures their dick sizes, including me, and what I said in the post is what I measured. For well endowed guys, buying clothes is a little harder because you have to watch out for bulging.

    Sure, I bragged that my dick is big in the post, so what?

  • If I had that, I would brag about it too! People on here are just jealous and don't want to resign to the fact that their wives secretly want and converse to their friends ther desire to experience a guy that has a big dick.

  • I want to watch your bulging cock fill my wife with your seed!

  • I never measured mine. Never thought to. Most guys don't measure their junk. Since all you did is brag. There is a simple fact. Guys who boast about the size of their junk are in fact are hung like stud field mice.
    Most guys are not worried about bulging , do you see commercials about pants for the well endowed guy?
    What makes you think you are well endowed, micro dick. Look up John Holmes your 8 mm pecker is nothing compared to his 16" inch cock.
    "Sure, I bragged that my dick is big in the post, so what?" That is why you are a virgin. Go get a female mouse and she will break you in.

  • I think most guys DO measure their junk.

  • Theres no way that youve never measured yourself but also know the measurements of that John Holmes guy lol. Why do you care so much to keep coming back with these angry replies?

  • I'm older and never measured did not care John Holmes was a great porn star everyone knew about him ass hole. He got measured not me idiot. Now go get that fucking mouse to break you in.

  • Im starting to wonder if this is a jealousy thing?

  • I was jealous for a long time about my wifes crazy sexcapades at U-lowell college. The idea of her going to drunken orgies and having big cocks bothered me because My tiny flaccid micro penis could never give it to her like they did. Over the years iv'e accepted my little cock and my wife loves me despite it but I know my wife is a women that has needs . She loves her Jeff Stryker andJohn Holmes dildos but I know she probably would like a real cock too. She is pretty loose from regular sex with big dildos so I know she could take any man or probably even 2 guys. I lustfully want to see other mens cum drip from her mouth and pussy.

  • Well mine is not 5 3/4 thick You know that is bigger then a 5 1/4 car speaker. You still haven't gotten it. That is such bull shit. There is no way you have a 5 3/4 thick cock. Thats elephant size numb nuts. Did you wrap a tape measure around it and it read 5 3/4 inches? Is that how you got your thickness. If it is really that thick join the circus freak.

  • The average penis girth is 4.59. Im a little over an inch more (which is a lot) but it isnt circus lol. Still people who have even more than that.

  • You dumb ass thats circumference not thickness. God are you that stupid you don't know the difference. You ain't got shit between your legs or between your ears either. I knew you where full of shit but didn't know it was dumb shit ass wipe.

  • One more thing 5 3/4 inch circumference is about 1 13/16 " thick stupid learn math before you speak.

  • 5 3/4 thick ,18.060 circumference Is what you said you have numb nuts.

  • Within this context, thickness and girth are used interchangeably. It doesn't matter that we are not using the mathematically correct terms, its about what is used in common language. As to your last point, that type of computation only works if the shape is a perfect cylinder, which most are not.

  • You said you are 5 3/4 inch thick that means if you took a tape measure and wrapped it around you cock it would read 18 1/16 inches that is elephant size dip shit stop you are average size and a little thicker that most numb nuts.

  • I know what I said, and thats not what it means. Anyone with the smallest amount of common sense would have known that I was talking about. Still, youre wrong, even in that "5 3/4 wide" scenario, the tape measure would only read "18 1/16" if the shape is a perfect cylinder at that cross section where you measured, which most dicks arent.

  • It doesn't have to be perfectly round to figure out thickness dip shit. God where did you go to school. And what did they teach you. You fucked up admit it and get over it you are average, but lacking in brains. Give it up you are average and thats it.

  • You also posted in another post that girls can't take you 5 3/4 inch thick dick. If you don't think we can put 2 and 2 together get a life with this fake assed post.

  • I never said that lol.

  • Give it up mouse man. You ain't nothing but a bull shit lying mouse dick.

  • I have nothing to give up, I just came here and made a post about myself. As soon as you stop trash talking, the conversation will be over.

  • No I won't stop fuck head till you do. This is what you get when you lie and make bull shit up. Trust me if you post something else on this pathetic post I will fucking troll you to death.

  • Is it bad that all this talk about thick dick makes me want to suck it?!?

  • Lol

  • I told you fuck you mouse dick. You are a lame loser. You measured your dick and that was the best lie you could come up with. You think your normal guess again loser.

  • Why are you still a virgin? Do you have a personality disorder or something?

  • He has a micro dick and is a pathetic liar.

  • No, its just one thing or another which comes up whenever I try to get into a relationship.

  • You do not need to be in a relationship to lose your virginity.

  • My wife and I had a friend who was very attractive, tall, muscular, and appeared to be very well hung by the bulge in his jeans. He visited us often and after a few beers and many stimulating conversations with my wife, we found out he was a virgin. It was not by choice but because his girlfriends refused to let him fuck them once they saw the size of his cock and the one that said ok was too tight to get it in. We had been married a bit over a year but my wife shocked both of us by offering to try herself. I was sure he would refuse or that she would back out if he said ok but he said great and she said let's go to the bedroom. I could hear her moaning and cumming (she is a noisy cummer) like I had never heard her before so I knew she was able to take it. He came out of the room naked and his cock was dangling half way to his knees and slick with their love juices. He asked if it was ok if he spent the night with her and I figured her pussy was already stretched beyond anything I could do for her so I said sure. He fucked her quite a few times but eventually found a girl and got married.

  • I would have loved to lick and suck those juices off until he was hard, and then I would send him back to my wife. Sounds like you were a lucky man!

  • Damn, that was something to read, considering I am basically the same as that guy who fucked your wife. What does she look like?

  • That was quite few years back. She is 5'7" with 36C and was about 135lbs at the time. After a couple of decades of marriage and 2 kids she is about 25lbs up but still sexy.

  • Wow, sounds like you (and that guy) got lucky with that one.

  • Your girth won’t matter if you prematurely shoot your load. Staying a virgin will ensure that.

  • I have a problem with premature ejaculation, but showing the women I have been with that I'm not afraid of a little cum has proven rewarding.

  • True, but I get the feeling it will keep her around long enough for me to get the hang of it

  • Already cocky and havent even tasted pussy yet u dumb fuck

  • Ironic choice of phrase lol

  • I have worn basketball shorts without underwear before, and can't believe the amount of women that will stare right at my crotch as I flop about. I can see why chicks can get fed up with us guys staring at their tits and bodies, but it really turned me on to flip the script on them.

  • Another good one is letting them get a peek of a sexy thong I have on under my regular clothes. ;)

  • Not just women, buddy, I would stare at it, too. Happy to suck it!

  • Ive thought about doing something like that before but Ive never actually done it on purpose. Might be fun to try something like that at a bar or club sometime to see what happens.

  • (I was replying to the original comment there lol)

  • Hehe, I guess that could be true 😂

  • It is 😉

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