Getting the wife to be naughty

Had a few work buddies from my last job over. Cooked burgers and had beers. After a while most left. Just me, my wife and Jeff.

Everyone was drunk. Jeff and I were playing cod. He says, "Wow. Here I am playing PS4 with you instead of having a girlfriend or wife to have sex with." I was half joking when I responded with, "Hey, Mary will give you a blowjob." My wife was taking a drink and said, "Oh I will, will I? Maybe. Maybe not."

I laughed and said, "What does that mean?" She said, "I mean, I do like sucking dick but I'm not 19 anymore. I don't just suck dick without getting something in return?" I laughed and said, "Like money? You do give one damn good blowjob." She said, "Well, that would be cool too but I mean an orgasm. I'll fuck Jeff but not just a blowjob." I was kinda shocked. I said, "You wanna fuck Jeff?" She said, "He hasn't gotten laid in forever. He's kinda hot and he has a pretty big dick."

Jeff said, "How do you know?" She said, "When you went to take a piss. You left the door open. I didn't know you were in there and I almost walked in." Nobody said anything. Mary was only wearing an oversized t-shirt that didn't quite cover her ass and a pair of panties. She took off the shirt revealing no bra. Then she dropped the panties. She said, "Don't just sit there. Take your clothes off and let's do this."

She pushed him back and pulled his shorts off and got in his lap. Put his dick inside her and they started fucking. She looked at me and said, "Either pull your little dick out so I can suck it or go over to the chair and jack off." So I did what any good husband would do. I got naked and she sucked me off while Jeff emptied his balls inside her.

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  • It took YEARS to get my wife to agree to go to a swapping party with me. Her biggest fear was being recognized. Our agreed upon response was to swap with whomever recognizes us so they couldn't say anything bad about us. What we didn't know was the owner of company I worked for were active in the swapping scene. They spotted us long before we did and could tell we were newbies. My wife automatically put our plan into action and led him away, leaving me with his wife. Well, we became frequent invitees to their home for private swapping and I got raises without asking for them. I still work for them.

  • Some time back my graduate level best friend alongwith his wife came to our town on business trip and stayed at our house. Once we too have discussed off swapping wife and sex together and had laughed over phone. On that day at my home, while we went out to have a walk in park, the swap sex popped up. I told my wife would not agree. He told his wife was ready for group sex and she may help my wife to agree for the act tonight. Thinking of fucking my buddy's big gorgeous wife, I told him our bedroom door shall not be locked from inside and while we will be in the act of sex you both may storm in nude and see how things work out. In bedroom getting my wife full naked telling her my friend who has a big cock may be fucking his wife now and started nibbling her ears which gives her the arousal. Her legs wide open were locked on my back and hands wrapped around my shoulder. Just then they barged in. Startled my wife struggled to hide her pussy with her palm and boobs with other hand. She said Hey what you people are up to while she was googling his massive erection and big cock. I said don't worry just they will give us a company only. My friend's wife got to the bed and took my wife;s head as if consoling,. My friend sat on the side my wife and lay beside her. I signaled my friend to start and he slowly put his fingers down her pussy and started stimulating her clitoris and I too followed suit with his wife. I knew my wife too submissive and some assurance from my side we enjoyed the full night. In the morning while they were leaving she gave my friend full liplock kiss while he just fondled her boobs and other hand cupping her pussy. After they left we went to the bedroom and had another sex and I felt a different wife too horny and sexy. She thanked me for such a wonderful experience. Once in a while such change is good.

  • I know a lot of couples that have done this kind of thing. I know we have too

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