Down and out I prostituted myself, once

In 1973 I was 22 and found myself out of work. A friend told me to apply for the night clerk at the Moonlight Motel. It hardly paid but it included a room. Next door was a truck stop and a cafe.

I got off at eight and went to the cafe to get some breakfast. A man was sitting at the counter and he saw me sitting alone. He came over and sat down. Fifteen for a blowjob, twenty five if I let him fuck me. I needed the money so I went with him to his semi and gave him a blowjob and let him fuck me. I asked him for forty, fifteen for the blowjob and twenty five for the fuck. He went ape shit and hit me with a tire iron he had under the mattress.

Broke was too much. I went to my ex and told him I would suck his dick no excuses. I would fuck no excuses. He let me in. I cleaned up the trailer, sucked his dick, changed the bed, let him fuck.

Things got better, he went to school on the GI Bill. After a time he didn't talk about Viet Nam. I let him fuck until he couldn't fuck no more. He got good jobs after he finished college and we never lived in a trailer again. One day he married me.

Jul 12
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    • I did this for a time between marriages. I slept with my landlord to pay the rent and utilities for several months (even while I was dating). He was attractive but years older than my dad. I also slept with my boss (who was slightly younger than daddy) for extra money in my paycheck. My husband knows about the boss but not the landlord. And in neither instance does he know why.

    • Once a whore always a whore. That’s what my boyfriend told me when I tried it only once. Now he’s my husband and I’m still a whore from time to time. I love fucking and I love money to buy things I want.

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