Hot af MIL

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. I've been sleeping with my MIL for 2. It all started at a pool party at a house in which we had just moved.

Mary is a huge flirt and my wife stacy knows it. She also just believes it's harmless and nothing would ever come of it. So, we have a pool in the back yard with a grill/bar area. I was cooking chicken when mary came in. She brought beer in a cooler, some liquor for mixed drinks and some corn on the cob for grilling. She had on a bikini with a sarong. She is in fantastic shape and a knockout.

I had just brought out the chicken and was putting it on the grill. Mary came out to hand me a beer. She said, "Something smells good. Looks good too." I said, "Yeah this chicken is gonna be fire when I'm done." She said, "I wasn't talking about the chicken darlin." She said, "You feeding my daughter enough?" I said, "3 squares a day." She said, "I was talking about this." And she grabbed my cock. I said, "Well, when I can. She hasn't wanted it lately." Mary said, "Poor thing. All that meat and nothing to do with it. What do you think of my outfit?" I said, "Stunning as usual. I swear you look good in anything. Probably nothing too." She said, "You didn't notice." I said, "Notice what?"

She took the knot out of the sarong to reveal that she wasn't wearing a bikini bottom. She opened it enough for me to see her pussy. A perfect rectangle of trimmed pubes above an exposed clit and nice long pussy lips. She said, "Naughty boy! I saw that?" I said, "Saw what?" She said, "You staring at my pussy." I said, "You showed me. Can't help it. It's perfect." She said, "Keep talking sweet and I'll make you take care of me." I said, "I bet steve sure enjoys it." She said, "He can't enjoy it. ED."

She dropped the sarong to the floor. I couldn't help but stare. I started getting hard. She reached into my swim trunks and started stroking me. She said, "You haven't gotten laid. I haven't gotten laid. We should change that." I said, "Stacy is right inside!" She said, "Nope. She went to the store to get stuff to make apple cobbler. We have time." I said, "I dunno." She said, "Imma suck your dick while you decide."

She got on her knees and started sucking me off. Good lord she is so good at it. A few minutes and I said, "Fuck it." I picked her up and put her on the bar top. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and started eating her pussy out. She said, "Oh god. I haven't had my pussy eaten in years. Be a good boy and make mama cum."

I kept going and within 10 minutes she was cumming. I don't let up though. While she is cumming I slide my middle finger inside her and keep at her clit." She moaned out loud as her orgasm peaked. She said, "Fuck me. Fuck me good. Mama needs it." I bent her over the bar. I grabbed her ass and fucked her hard and fast. It didn't take long. I was close and I said, "I'm gonna cum." She said, "Cum inside me." Another few thrusts and I came inside her.

Afterwards, mary said, "I'm gonna jump in the pool. That will hide our mess. You go clean yourself off. Stacy will be back soon. So I did as I was told. Mary had a bloody mary and was in the pool. I said, "That was pretty nice." She said, "Indeed it was. Pretty nice to be able to cum and not worry about getting me pregnant. You interested in doing this again sometime?" I said, "Like when?" She said, "Once a month? Once a week? I'm a horny old lady and my husband can't fuck me. I call. You come over. We have fun." I said, "What do I tell stacy?" She said, "Projects I need done. Or I'll call you when ur just getting off work."

That was 2 years ago. Mary has kept her word. We have sex anywhere from 1-3 times a week to once a month. Just depends on my work schedule. What my wife wants to do and whether mary's husband is home.

3 months ago


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    • So you both don't give a rats ass about your spouses! When you get caught see if Mary will share her cardboard box under the overpass!

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