My wife was drooling

I had a buddy over last weekend. He and I have been friends for years. Mark, wife (Stacy) and I we're drinking and cutting up and having a good time. Wife mentioned being horny. Mark (joking) said, "You don't want this. You couldn't handle it." Stacy said, "Couldn't handle it huh? How much you got to work with?" Mark said, "Enough." Stacy said, "Nah. Don't bullshit me. How much is enough?" Mark said, "I dunno. 10ish." Stacy damn near choked on her drink. She said, "Pull your dick out right now. If you pull out a 10 inch dick, I'll fuck you right now." Mark said, "Oh yeah? Steve not have that kind of meat?" She said, "Baby, Steve has like half that. Show him honey." I wasn't paying total attention. I said, "Show him what?" Stacy said, "Show mark your dick." I said, "Why would I do that?" She said, "Cause I'll suck your dick after mark fucks me."

I stand up and pull my shorts down. I'm like 2ish inches soft and 5.5 inches hard. He said, "I mean, isn't that US average?" Stacy said, "Ok mark, let's see yours." Mark stands up and drops his shorts. It was probably 7 inches soft. Stacy said, "Jesus. That's a nice cock. Well, I said it. You want to fuck me?" He said, "I'm sure Steve would love that!" Stacy said, "Fuck him. He can watch. I haven't had a big dick in forever." She only had on a black silk nightgown. She dropped it to the floor and was totally naked.

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  • Does Stacy have an athletic figure with hazel eyes and works in the high tech business?

  • Auburn hair, green eyes, about 5'5" and 180 lbs.

  • Any rematches since then?

  • Damn... is he a cuck. Maybe he wanted it more

  • Its crazy how some married men want to be cucked.They have a hot wife to fuck but they can't satisfy her enough so they need to get off on another man satisfying her fully.

  • Good girl.

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