In love with my aunt

Just that. I'm in love with my aunt. We're both in love, actually. We've been a couple for two years, I'm currently 25 and she's 49. We always had a peculiar relationship. She was the cool, single, open-minded aunt with whom I smoked pot and talked art, politics, and sex and pretty much everything. I got along with her as if she was another cool friend, except much more cooler because of her experience and maturity. I secretly found that very sexy. As we discussed sex, I found out she was into younger men like me, and I was into older women like her.
That knowledge blossomed into something else one night. We got together for drinks and pot, but it went much farther than it should have. The problem was we liked it way too much, so we continued. Six months ago, we confessed our relationship to my mother (her sister), who basically disowned us. Nevertheless we moved in together and are very happy. We live like a married couple, basically.
We got pregnant a month ago, but it's a high-risk pregnancy because of her age,. She said she's never wanted a marriage and kids until we got involved, so she wants to go through with it.


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  • I'm in lust with my aunt. She teased me plenty and it came to a point where we couldn't resist each other and had sex. My aunt is very good looking and once we got into it, it didn't seem like incest at all. We were just two lovers enjoying each others bodies to the fullest. She's divorced from my uncle now, so I stop over often so we can do the nasty.

  • My aunt caught my cousin, who was adopted, and I trying to have sex. She was 16 and I was 14. My aunt was about 30 to 40 years old. First time for both of us. There were just the three of us at my aunts house. She asked us both of us to fully undress. My aunt told me I was large for my age and that my cousin had nice large perky breasts. My aunt undressed to her bra and panties. She had large breasts and firm hard nipples. The first lesson she told us was to feel comfortable with our and each other’s bodies. We all massaged each other. My first sex and my first threesome

  • Good for you and i hope the pregnancy goes well. Shame your family couldn't accept it.

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