No idea what came over me

I have been divorced for about five years now and last year my dishwasher quit working so I googled a few repair places. The man showed up and when he walked thru the door and began walking towards the kitchen all I could think about was sex. I do not know if it was because he was a stranger or if I was just so sexually wound up that I wanted to do it that badly but for some unknown reason I was turned on like crazy.
He began taking things apart and checking the appliance then for some reason I told him I had to go start some laundry so I headed back to my bedroom. While I was back there I gathered up some things and started a load of wash then again for no clear reason I took off my bra and changed my shirt so a slightly thicker one. I remember playing with my nipples just to see how much they showed thru the material and thinking he would love to watch them bouncing around, I am telling you, I have never acted this way.
I went back out to the kitchen and made some other ridiculous comment to him just trying to get him to look at me, I was sitting in one of my table chairs making sure to keep my back straight so my boobs filled out my shirt. even as I was doing it I kept asking myself what the hell I was doing.
He finally sat up on the floor holding some part in his hand and told me he had to go out to his truck and see if he had a new part telling what the thing was and why he thought it was bad. I had no flipping clue what he was talking about but I nodded my head and made sure my boobs moved around some while I seemed interested in it.
He returned with a new one which he installed in like ten minutes, he ran the dishwasher for several minutes checking this and that then stopped it again and asked me if I wanted to run it now. I told him sure and he told me to put my usual detergent in it and let's see how it goes.
So this is where it finally gets sexy.
I did not have to but I got down on my knees to get the tabs out from under my kitchen sink, I put two of them in it then set it to wash and closed the door. The washer started as usual then like it sounded like some other woman was talking as I turned myself right in front of him and told him he needed a blow job for fixing it. I was looking up at him as I reached for the front of his pants and began undoing his belt, it felt like electricity was running thru my body as his pants slid down to the floor then his boxers. I was staring at his cock hanging there and watched my hands wrap around it and stroke it a few times, I opened up my mouth and just sucked him right in as far as I could then repeated it until he was hard. He was telling me how great it felt and after several minutes he began bending over and in one quick motion I was topless, he then stood back up and I began sucking on him again. I was so turned on that I slid my free hand down the front of my shorts and started rubbing myself as I sucked on him, several minutes later he came and I swallowed and sucked until he was finished.
He reached down and started lifting me up so I stood up and he stripped off my shorts and unders then he began to lift me up onto the countertop, my kitchen is not that big so things are a bit crowded. I looked at him and told him how about the couch as I wrapped my legs around him and put my hands around his neck, He stepped out of his pants and carried me over to it.
Once we were there he put me down onto it then slid right down my body and I felt his tongue slid across me then go deep into me. I spread my legs out and pressed into his face still amazed that I was having sex with pretty much a total stranger because the only way I remembered his name was the tag on his shirt. He licked me thru several orgasms and then pulled me off the couch onto the floor, his lips and tongue now alternating between nipples as his cock slowly rubbed against me. I was moving myself around trying to get the head inside me but he knew how badly I wanted it and played with me teasing me and I was getting very turned on by it.
He would lightly enter me just a little bit then pull out and rub some more until I was finally begging him to fuck me, finally after more teasing he slowly began spreading me apart and plunging in as I moaned out spreading my legs even wider. He was the perfect size as I felt waves of pleasure from him plunging in and out, he body pushing me into the carpet as I moaned out yes, yes, yes, harder, harder. He made love to me for what seemed like an hour, he would fuck me hard and slow then pull out and go back down on me licking and pleasuring me for a bit then back up to sink his cock in deep. I have no idea how many orgasms I had but it was plenty. We ended with me on top of him sucking away on his gorgeous cock and swallowing him down again and again until he finally came again.
We laid there for a minute and I remember telling him that he is quite the great lover and I may need him to look at my other appliances soon. When we finally got up I did not even put on any clothes after he got fully dressed again, he gathered up his tools and wrote up the repair sheet. I never put anything on and he loved it, as he was leaving we kissed deeply and I felt his fingers on me caressing my back. He ran them around my sides and up to my breasts, I told him to come back after work today and he smiled at me and said it was a date.

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  • Did he fuck You doggie style? His he make your pussy queef. Mmmm I bet you love to fuck! Would love to smell your cunt whore

  • Uh, you’re a horny slut, that’s what cane over you. Just embrace it, and live your slut life.

  • Typical whore

  • Did you get to see his workman's crack ?

  • So did he come back, or go straight home to his wife?

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