Wifes juices

When my wife goes out with her sister once a week, getting back home she always has me eat her out. It doesn't matter time she gets back in, she loves to have me tonguing her pussy and ass.
Every other time I lick her beautiful holes, she tastes 'normal'.
When she returns from being out with her sister, her pussy and sometimes her ass always taste different. Her juices are more 'creamy' and definitely have an altered taste.
At first I thought it might be because of her dancing alnight maybe. But now I'm thinking she might be having sex every week with other men, then having me lick out their cum from her pussy and ass.
What do you think ?. And should I confront her, risking our trust ?

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • You have to think if it really bothers you. You have been eating her out this long. If she's already wet she probably has fucked someone else. But she came home to you. If you can live with her being with guys and your Secure in your manhood you will be okay. Ive been married for 40years now and we have always had an open marriage. She loves to have me eat her pussy after a guy has fucked her. Its just sex. And i love how wet her pussy is.

  • Total agree Don’t rock the boat, enjoy it!

  • Don’t rock the boat, enjoy it!

  • My girlfriend has been extra wet and it looks stretched out and white stuff coming out while we have sex. You think she could be cheating?

  • Check those pants after she falls asleep

  • I always found that half the married girls at clubs with girlfriends where easy lays. And single girls the hardest. If they were looking for a fuck buddy it was going to be for that night. On the plus side if you you showed her a good time, gained her trust -- she'd would be your long term FB rather than fucking new guys every week and risk who knows what. So if is fooling around it's with one guy probably. Unless hear from rumors I'd say nothing. When I was single I had 2 FB for 3 years. The one couldn't get enough sex at home, the other got off on being the Soccer Mom doing the unthinkable. SC was at first upset I was hitting on her, couple drinks later "you have your own place?... let's go -- I have to be home by 1. "

  • Hire a PI to tail her and find out if she is cheating on you. If she is cheating, use that as proof to kick her ass right out the door. If not never speak of it.

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