Oh stupid girl if you knew...

So theres this really awful girl whos gonna come visit my friend Mark, they say to be so in love, especially her, she hates me for being his friend and being way hotter than her but i just laugh thinking.. if you only knew i've been fucking the 'love of your life' in the last days and after sex hes just like oh.. i like her but youre sooo irresistible lol..
he likes to eat me out and we have sex all day while the ugly idiot is at home just dreaming with him LOL
Is fun to be a whore.. especially a hot one. ;)

8.7 years ago

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    • I think I want to date you! Go ahead and cheat on me!

    • I think you need help. You need to stop making it your life's goal to steal other women's men. Do you really think if you were so hot and wonderful this Mark guy wouldn't just be with you instead of his girlfriend? It's pathetic; you need to find a man who actually cares about you and wants to just be with you. Also, looking at your comments to others' negative replies, all you seem to be able to do is tell them they are jealous of you because they are ugly. This just shows you are incredibly insecure and superficial, which is just sad. You need to grow up and focus on things other than your looks because you won't always have those, just your the STDs you contracted strutting them around and your inevitable lonliness. Like I said before, you need help. I really hope you will take what I said into consideration.

    • I'll take what you said into consideration. Now kiss my ass!

    • I dont like her

    • Kiss off teeny! You probably watch Glee and are a Blierber twit.

    • Why do you need to brag or feel good about who you are? just fuck him if you want to, the morality of it all is up to the guy who is cheating... but anyway, you must be really ugly or maybe too much a brute, or maybe just had a bad childhood, honey if he doesn't love you, if he just fucks you, if he is even real, then you shouldn't feel proud about it. unless you are so in need of attention that it seems smart to shout out to the world that you enjoy being used

    • Blah, blah, blah zzzzzz. You're just jealous cause your ugly.

    • You, my friend, are amazing.

    • Yes I am, and I'm the hottest girl you ever could see.

    • Last night my boyfriend, Mark and I made a 3some, it was amazing.. My dream come true... He said he's sick of that ugly smelly hippie and he now likes her less and less.. lol omfg what have i done... oooops ;P

    • No way, lol. I got Mark wrapped around my finger.

    • Hey, I'm a 14 year old girl and I have got to say, I kind of admire you :) x

    • Um, I feel a little shy about asking this, but I got so wet reading that confession I had to ask. Does Mark have a big thingy?

    • Sorry. He has a teeny weeny. But it's okay until I get something a little bigger.

    • I love this woman. She's real and honest and I just know she is beautiful beyond belief. I would crawl over a mile of broken glass, swim through croc infested waters and walk through a den of hungry lions with a porkchop between my teeth for just one date with her.

      The immature idiots putting her down are either prudish women, who suck in bed anyway, or girly guys who watch Glee and are afraid of real women, and "settle" for the prudes, who suck in bed but not in a good way.

    • All of you are morons. How can you possibly not tell that the original post is a lie and the original poster IS A GUY???

    • Because im a 20yo girl.. :)

    • Yeah. Sure. Right. Of course.

    • What she says is true. I know her and she is HOT!

    • Alright

    • what a delightful girl you are. soooooo exactly how big is the trailer you live in? a single-wide? or a double?

    • You sir, are awesome

    • Duh. My father is a doctor, so STFU.

    • Well, I hope he's either a psychiatrist who can treat all your mental disorders or a GYN who can treat all your STDs.

    • Suck my twat, twit!

    • there aren't enough antibiotics -- or enough pressure-washers and chlorine bleach -- to make that area clean enough to get close to, much less to make contact with.

    • Ohhh you naughty whore. . . .

    • Flattery will get you everywhere. Wink.

    • all i can say is..........s-e-x-y. damn!

    • Yes, I am. I'm glad to see somebody has brains and good taste here. Lickies and kissies.

    • These are typical Obama supporters. As long as they get free shit, these libtards don't give a damn who they fuck over.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

    • This shit is sick and all you dipshits who support it need to get some Jesus in your fucked up, Satan-screwed lives. Get your bitch asses right with God and repent!

      Yours in Jesus,

      Rev Martin P. Pullham

    • Preach on, Brother Martin!

    • I have been reading posts here for almost as long as the site has been up, and this is -- by far -- the hottest and sexiest thing that's ever been written on here. And the thread of responses and counter-responses just makes it all even hotter and sexier. This is the best. Thanks to everyone!

    • Wtf??? seriously????!!?

    • I think shes kinda of a bitch

    • Yeah, now STFU.

    • Why are ya'll being mean to that other girl? you don't even know her. I don't really care what the girl does who posted it let her have her fun but why do ya'll want this whore who posted this to do such mean things to that other girl? Why would you wanna hurt someone innocent to you? That's dumb and immature. The ones that post all that stuff like crush her wedding n shit I hope this whore who posted this will do that to you ;) And to the girl who posted this: I hope you use protection since no one knows who else this guy has been fucking with lol

    • U r prolly jus jealous cause u r not gettin any of it. That wat wrong wit u.

    • What has that 2 do with jealousy lmfao dumb ass

    • "Jealous" because Mark is getting what you obviously want: our original poster here. You know you want her, and I know you want her, and she knows you want her. So, you're jealous because you wish you were hitting that and you ain't even fucking close to hitting that. Pitiful. Just fucking pitiful.

    • I'm a girl lol and I am straight. Pretty jealous lol yeah

    • Lol, you're a prude and sexually inhibited. Yeah.

    • Totally!

    • At least I have a brain apparently you dont. and at least I'm std free

    • Wow, aren't you special, lol. In other words, no one wants to bone you.

    • Um, yes I am special and lots of guys would love to get in my pants, but I have morals and standards. I don't just, to use you crude word, "bone" anybody. They have to be rich or have a nice car.

    • That is a fucking lie I fucked you in the ass the other night then you sucked me dry.

    • No it's true. Your father is rich and you have a nice car. So what was a girl to do? I had to make an investment in what could be a sweet future. Let's do it again soon and kisses to you. xxx

    • LOL is funny how i can tell theres some boy/girl getting rude at responding and theres the real post girl answering and she seems really sweet, fuck all haters and keep having fun girl i love you

    • Thank you, twink.

    • 16yog here and i wish i could be you cuz there are guys and girls i know in school who i would like to do this to. YOU ROCK!!!

    • 17g. ditto.

    • 88 and I'd hit it.

    • There must be desperate ass guys on this website reading these who are actually encouraging you.. fucking virgins.

    • You know you want some too, Sweety. Too bad your prick is so teensy.

    • trashy skank how would U like it if she did that 2 U

    • Kiss my twat, twink!

    • no i would never ever kiss any part of u. why? u r a trashy skank. a trashy trashy skank. kissing u would be sick and disgusting. ewwww! i wouldnt want to get that close to u.

    • Yeah, right. You Mr. Pimple Face would so jump at the chance, and it would be a life changing experience compared to using your hand all the time, which, no doubt, is the best you can get,lol.

    • LOL!!! You are so right about that guy! You keep givin' it to 'em honey!!!!

    • OK this is the plan. Between now and the time she arrives in December, you need to become this other girl's - let's call her Alicia - best friend on earth. I know she doesn't like you and the feeling is mutual, but you're obviously plenty smart enough to bring this off, and make her think you're a wonderful friend. You don't have much time to prepare for her arrival, but I know you can do it, starting by talking on the phone. Then, while she's in town, take her to lunch, take her shopping, take her for drinks, whatever: just get her to drop her guard completely and think of you as being on her side. Then, arrange for her to get a spa treatment, or a massage, or something girly that she can't resist (by this point, you'll know what she likes, because you're her best friend, remember?). While she's out of his house, go there, secretly set up a vid-cam, seduce Mark - in the bed she's been sleeping in with him - get him to fuck you in a really loud, rough, nasty way, all three holes, and then with the camera still running, get him to confess to you how much BETTER you are than Alicia, how much HOTTER you are than Alicia, and how he would always rather fuck you than fuck her sorry ass. Once you get him on a roll, and get him thinking that he's complimenting you without Alicia ever discovering it, he'll just take off on his own and start talking about how wonderful sex is with you. Just make sure you say something or he says something on the recording to make it clear that this all happened DURING HER VISIT. Take the recording home and copy it, and drop the copy in her purse before she leaves to go home, after adding a personal video message of your own at the very end, explaining how "this has been happening the whole time you've known him, and the whole time you were here, and it will keep happening EVEN MORE now that you're back home: you retard, 'your man' is actually 'my man', but seriously, enjoy your relationship." That's the mission and you have to accept it.

    • Long comment i didnt even read it lol

    • This is the dumbest, most heartless thing I've ever read. What kind of trash would actually do this? Clearly this other girl deserves better than some cheating asshole, and he deserves the trashy whore he's been fucking on the side. Won't be long til she's old news and he finds someone else.

    • Puhleeze, bitch. You're just jealous because you are butt ugly and can't get any.

    • Nice one cause YOU can totally see her numb nuts

    • So that person is butt ugly for not agreeing with your trashy ethics? Good logic, dumb bitch.


    • Mmmm my nipples got hard reading this. I would love to lick Mark all over.

    • I'm Mark and my crank got hard reading that. Kisses, Babe.

    • How big are your tits and are you good in bed or just convenient?

    • 38D, and I am sooo awesome in bed.

    • Shit if you are 38d and this fucking sexy and nasty.......that other girl has really got no chance! none!! damn!!! 38d!!!!!!!!!! no wonder hes all over you and only plays her!!!

    • Shit, i want to marry this whore and load her mouth with cum... mmmmm...

    • I want to marry her, too. I am in love.

    • Stand in line my bitches.

    • I can't speak for anyone else, but I would totally, TOTALLY stand in line waiting for you. And I'd be happy to stand there. And proud for anyone to see me. I think you are an incredible woman, incredibly intelligent, incredible marriage material, and incredibly hot. But mostly, incredible marriage material. I want to marry you.

    • What's your net worth and your penis size, Sweets? Maybe we can work something out.

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