Edging in nature

I just went for a bush walk in my favourite spot, Isla Gorge National park here in Queensland Australia. When I got to the end of the trail I did my usual and began to masturbate to the beautiful view. I only edge my self but I got disappointed this time. I got to the edge of my orgasm and stopped, the cum had built up and was ready to come out. I had my hand ready to catch my cum, but when I clenched my muscles to get some cum out, I let forth with a HUGE squirt of cum that went right over my hand and onto the rocks several feet in front of me! It was so big and thick I heard it squirt from the end of my cock. I wasn’t happy because I like to eat my cum from my hand and I had just missed out on a good handful of cum. What I did manage to squeeze into my hand I soon put in my mouth. My cum is so delicious! I’d really love to suck another guy off so I can taste his cum.
The thing is, I only like to eat my cum from edging, if I fully orgasm I can’t bring my self to eat my cum. I have no idea why.
I hope it’s different when I get to suck another guy off, I’m getting so hard now just thinking about sucking a nice hard cock till he squirts his cum in my mouth and I can swallow it all!
My god I’m so horny I want to cum so bad right now.
Look for my cock on

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  • There's a spot off the Applicant Trail, it's right by a cliff with a 40 mile view.
    The first time there my wife said get naked and I'll get on my knees and give you a blowjob, while you enjoy the view with a BJ.
    She's pleasured me there 20 times. She's a keeper.
    That so beats jerking off there. And she swallows every drop of my cum.

  • Well I’m driving to work on my own, a 600 kilometre journey so no choice to masturbate. Unless your misses wants to come and blow me too lol

  • Oops, i misspelled Appalachian Trail.

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