Dad / daughter

I wanna fuck my dad so badly but idk how to... i saw his previous search history (i always look when he leaves his tablet at home and i masturbate to what he watches) and he had dad/ daughter porn, idk if he just watches it bc its hot or does he want to fuck me? i always walk around pretty naked and i hear him fuck my mom so good, like shes always screaming and moaning and i cum to the sound of it. i wanna try my dads dick to see if its really that good😍


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  • Do you think dads prick will fit in your cute little cunt darling

  • Check with your home state regulations to ensure you are of age, ensure you get on the pill and can keep the incest to yourselves that's very important.
    I don't suggest you fuck with your father but if it has to be enjoy, it might hurt you a bit the first few times.

  • I’m 40 and been having an affair with my father who is 65. We finally gave in to the feelings and have great sex together. He’s a handsome silver fox who gets lots of attention from women of all ages, and men too. Even had a MFM with him and a friend of his.

  • Darling have you been playing with your cute pussie and do you like that

  • Yes

  • You don't say how old you are but I am guessing you are at least 14 since you are very horny.
    It's normal to be horny and want to have sex. But you should know that having sex with your dad can lead to serious issues for both of you. Hopefully your dad has good self control and will simply talk to you if you bring it up somehow. I don't want to sound like a prude, but I have to advise you against a course of action which could leave you with big regrets later on.

  • Im 17

  • How old are you

  • You should bump and grind against him by mistake. Leave porn laying around by accident.

    How old

  • There's not a man alive who can turn down a nice tight young piece of lady flesh, even if it's his own daughter. Just let your panties drop in front of him and enjoy the ride.

  • I agree

  • Where are the internet police when you need them?

  • Pick any socialist nation on the planet; that's where your internet police are. Keep that in mind when you cast your next vote in the USA. MAGA!

  • Wait a minute -- you think YOUR police don't watch for internet bad guys? Please tell me you know better than that.

    Bourgeoisie elections aren't so hot. You have a party of the 1% and a party of the next 9%. The 90% who are the wealth creators, which Marx called the proletariat, are offered no representation on that glorious ballot.

    Marx put it best when he said that 'every few years, they let us decide which section of the ruling class is going to order us around.

    I'm not so polished. I'd say that voting is an idiot's errand and a traitor's task.

    Still want to discuss socialism?

  • There is not now, nor has there ever been a single socialist nation on this entire planet that can compare to the wealth, liberty, and freedom of the great capitalistic democratic republic of the United States of America.

  • Well guess what -- you're half right. That must be a new experience for you. I'm referring to the 'right' part. The reality is, there's never been a socialist nation on the planet. The October Revolution was betrayed by Stalin, whose 'socialism [so-called] in one country' had far more in common with Crapitalism than anything envisioned by Marx, Lenin or Trotsky.

    As for the glorious wealth of the Benighted States of Amnesia -- extracted from the world, which the great lordly US kakistocracy has been reducing to a semi-colony since long before your time. The 'liberty and freedom' part work quite well for the bourgeoisie.

    But for anyone who actually works for a living ... well ... Marx explained the tendency of profit to fall in proportion to Crapitalism's expansion. He also identified the mechanisms Crapitalism utilizes to control that tendency. And as we all know, those fall fully on the backs of the working class. Crapitalism privatizes the profit and socializes the suffering.

    But after five decades, class consciousness is again rising. Demonstrations are seen around the world almost daily, many of them large, some are massive. The bourgeoisie is terrified. That's why governments spy like crazy, censor journalists, criminalize protest and punish dissent. Bring the ICC to Washington!

    Still want to go another round?

  • OH piss off you smart arse

  • Had enough? Smart man...

  • What

  • He took a jab at socialism and found someone willing to play along. Just remember -- I didn't start this... Have a good one.

  • Shut the fuck up white knight

  • You goons that have no respect for one of the greatest presidents Mr Trump just give me the shits if you don't like it leave it
    See how you go then you cunts

  • So you are gay for Trump? Would you rim his orange ass?

  • When your mom's not around, just go into the room your dad is at, and just drop your clothes revealing your naked body. That'll get your daddy's attention about you!

  • How old are you darling ?
    Might be a good idea to talk to your mother and get on the pill pretty quickly, sounds like your nice little pussie is going to have a cock in her soon, brand new experience for you

  • Too bad you're not a daughter.

  • Get daddy to fill you up.

  • I want him to but idk how

  • Well if I was your dad I know I’d be jacking off in the shower. Just take the occasional peek and then walk in all coy and sexy and help him out. Tell him you want him to be your first

  • Tell us more. How do you want him to do it?

  • I want him to fuck me when my moms out all the time, give him head, make him
    love my little pussy

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