She Helps Me With My Fetish

I always enjoyed the company of a large woman but recently my fetish for them grew stronger as I aged. I have a habit of undressing them with my eyes wondering what they are carrying under their clothing. The ones that are aged and have a broad body with pronounced large breasts that shifts under their top gets me stiff. I go to the local dance hall to have those older seniors press their body against mines, Then when I get back home I masturbate thinking of the woman that has a body that turned me on.
There's this woman I see regularly at the stores. A big gal with big tits. We always smile at each other. Then one day while in the check out line she introduced herself. Her name was Molly and wondered who I was because we always seem to cross each other. I told her where I lived and she smiled and said "We're practically neighbors." and told me where she lived. "You drink wine?" she asked me. "Because I have several bottles that has been given to me and I don't like to drink alone and need to reduce the stock pile."
Couple of weeks later I bumped into Molly. She was wearing jean shorts and her big cleavage showed. Her shorts pronounced her belly and thighs. "I was outside taking care of my flowers. It got too hot being outside so I decided to come here at the hardware store to browse a bit." "Yeah I came here for something to do to past the time away." I told her. She told me to stop by her place and we could chat about each other and help her polish off the wine she has.
An hour later I pulled in her driveway where she was watering her flowers. She pointed the hose to me while I was in the car and sprayed my car. She showed me around her place and brought out the wine outside to the covered patio in the backyard. We chatted and sipped the wine. She let a big smile out, "I have to confess I saw your profile ad in the BBW personals while surfing on the internet." I was embarrassed. "Nothing to be a shame of, we all like to find that special someone." She admitted she was a bit older than me but finds me interesting and if I find her interesting. I told her I had eyes on her whenever I saw her in a store, She has the perfect BBW body and I was curious about her tits. "I'm horny and hot with what I have on. Let's go inside and find out if we can be sexually pleased." as she guided me inside to the bedroom. "I want to remove your clothes and run my hands all over your BBW body as I'm undressing you." We both was undressing each other and feeling each other's privates. "Let's 69 and do oral." as we got on the bed she said.
We laid on the bed in the 69 position for some time. I made her have several orgasms by eating her and fingering her snatch and playing with her clit. She couldn't believe the loads I had in me while jerking and sucking me off. "Big gals create those loads!" I said. We visited each other for a couple of months. Then I started getting replies to my BBW ads. They were not interested in dating but wanted sex. The age range was from 55 to 73. I did not tell Molly about those gals and figured she need to know.
I get a phone call from Molly," I'm holding a wine party come over. " As I drive into her driveway several cars was parked there, people attending Molly's party. Molly comes out braless with a wet shirt and shakes her belly.
"This party is for you!" and told me to close my eyes. She guided me inside and said these people wanted to thank you. "You can open your eyes now!" To my surprise, they were ladies I had sex with. "What the fuck!" I yelled out. "I'm the one who told them to reply to your personal." Molly said to me. as she pulled my dick out. Molly and Karen, who I had sex with, went down and started giving me head as the other ladies watched. Molly and Karen's tops was removed and their tits was played with by the other women there. Joan, the youngest I done before grabbed my cock and jerked me. "You want your load on Molly's tits." she said as the other ladies toyed one another.
It was a wild party and the fantasy a guy dreams and wishes for. Molly and I invite her friends over to our place so Molly can give and fore fill my fetish.

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