Southern Trailer Trash People

What I'm confessing my be unbelievable but it happened. I still don't know why I got involved with those people, maybe because my dick gets stiff too often. I moved down to the deep south to get away from the short warm weather and cold temperatures up north.
It started by getting involved with Molly. I was trying out this tavern and I was half cocked and horny. Molly came and sat next to me at the bar. she was an older ugly old bitch with a deep southern accent. She looked at me and said I talk funny and she never saw me in here. I explained I just moved here from the north. As ugly as she was, her body gave me a boner with the help of the drinks in me. She knew I was undressing her with my eyes. I started to pay for her drinks and to keep me paying for her drinks she started playing with her big tits and kept a hand on my boner. "I live in a trailer not far from here, buy a bottle and we'll see how the night ends."
As we walked to her trailer I kept touching her wide ass with my hand. She grabbed my hand and held it on her ass as she lit a cigarette. We stopped. "I'm going to entice you when we get to my place, OK?" she said. "Shit yes, my dick is hard!" As we stepped in her trailer, I noticed Molly was not a house keeper. Empty bottles a full ash trays. I was so horny that I practically tore her top off to grope her breasts and whipped out my dick while making sure her shot glass was full. I sucked on her tits as she tugged my cock. She wrapped those tits around my cock and mouth fucked my cock. I was getting so turned on by her I didn't care how ugly she was and said, "I'm going to fill your mouth!"
Molly introduced me to Roxanne. She was younger and better looking than Molly but didn't have much tits as Molly, but a very hairy snatch with nice size clit. I was asked by Roxanne if I liked family get togethers. "Sure!" I said thinking nothing of it. I was introduced to Roxanne's daughter and her son-in-law, her son-in-law's mom and Roxanne's mom and Roxanne's grandson. Everyone was filling their glass from the bottles of booze placed on Dana's, Roxanne's daughter, trailer counter top. Donnie, Roxanne's son-in-law, introduced me to his mom who was a year older than me. "Nice to meet a northerner swinger as she unbuttoned her top slightly to expose her saggy breasts a bit." "Swinger?" I told myself. The only people I told of my past was Molly and Roxanne. The next thing I knew Peanut, Donnie's mom, was giving me head while Donnie and Roxanne's grandson whipped out their cocks to be sucked. "Unbelievable!" I said to myself. Roxanne's mother and daughter and Roxanne watched on while they touch other.
"Unbelievable sex freaks!" I thought to myself. I was content of doing Molly and having her grind her big tits in me and shooting my cum all overhear face.

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  • It is unbelievable. So unbelievable on fact that I did not believe it. How did you guess that I would find it unbelievable?

    Fucking idiot

  • PRETTY HOT.......................

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