Cruise with mother of my boss.

It happened last year, I was working at a gardener and had to take care of the garden once a month with his mother, a widow of 68. I was 22 years old and still very naive.
The gardener asked me to join his mother on an 8 day cruise to the Caribbean, he didn't have time and it wouldn't take me days off.
I liked it and said I was going.

The mother of the boss was very happy and said she was going to book immediately.
A month later I packed my suitcase and we were taken by my boss to the harbor where the cruise ship was moored.
It was a very nice, very spacious cabin, but naive as I was, so I shared that cabin with her. And there was only one big bed. Anyway, naive as I was, I had occasionally slept next to my grandmother. It only had one bedroom and nothing happened.

But when the evening was over and we went to sleep after taking a shower I thought it was strange that my boss's mother would lie down in bed naked. So still naive. I wasn’t cold next to her and she threw herself on me. Only then did I realize!
I thought the journey had only just begun and I didn't want to be in trouble right away, and frankly, she had those delicious, big heaving tits that really excited me.
So I fucked her and it was actually very nice, I didn’t expect that such an old woman could fuck so good.
The boss's mother liked it because she often asked me to come over to her after a day trip if she wanted to rest and then I knew that she wanted to have a good fuck first. And, horny as I was, I have enough to fuck her all day through. And if not, the boss’s mother suck my dick until it gets hard again.

The trip was over before I knew it, the bosses mother spoiled me every day with nice presents she bought ashore.
Soon we will go on a trip again, then my boss's mother wants to go to Hawaii with me.

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