One of my dirty little secrets...

I'm sixteen year old female and being stuck in lockdown has got me super bored. Recently I've been reading books on Wattpad and some steamy chapters appear I find myself Masturbating. I like my fingers a lot but sometimes I wish I had something else. I also use the shower jet and a secret vibrating toothbrush but it's just not working for me as much as it used too. Besides I don't want to risk getting caught by someone in my family. Does anyone have any ideas how to masturbate without getting caught and maybe some ways to orgasm/cum because sometimes I don't get to finish and it makes me really frustrated.

Sometimes I imagine getting pinned against the wall and being pounded against it. A lot of the time I purposely search up steamy books or reread certain chapters because of how turned on I get. I just can't get caught you know...

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  • I love to grind my pussy on the corner of the porcelain sink in the bathroom. I like to stand on dirty laundry so my pussy is the right height to spread around the corner of the washing machine. I wait for the spin cycle and then hang onto the sides until I cum. I also like to use my vagina weights I bought to tighten my vagina muscles. You start with a light weight inserted inside your vagina, then try and stop it from falling out by using your vagina muscles. Then you gradually insert heavier weights, it really works well. It really does make your vagina tighter and you can have control of your vagina muscles, making it contract and expand at will

  • U real?

  • Hi, I’m a 18yo f and I can relate to your story. I get turned on by just about anything! Most nights I masterbate using a small vibe, but usually I just use my fingers. Try getting into bed and really relax. Once you’re nice and relaxed start by gently stroking your nips for a while. I pull my legs up and put my heels together, you should feel fairly comfortable like this. Then I slowly move down stroking my tummy and inner thigh. Then I start to stroke the area next to my lips and mound. After a while I run my fingers through and around my vulva ( I’m really wet by this time) then I run my fingers ( I use two fingers, one either side of my clitoris and work from bottom to top slide a finger inside and rub gently upward.) I’ll bet you explode in a minute! The trick is taking your time. Hope this helped you. Xxx Maddie

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