Cuckold part 2

This time she let out a long moan and he kept fucking her hard and she came off her climax she build into another. He unloaded into her deep and held he tight against him her round butt pressed tight against his groin. She lets a another loud moan and i can tell as his cumm is emptying into her she is climaxing again. Her entire body is soaked with sweat and she starts shaking as she come down from this one.
He thrust a couple more times hearing skin slap as Tina leans forward on her elbows shaking ass in air
He pulls out cum soon followed and Tina rolls over on bed catching her breath.
He starts finger banging her she tenses up grabing his hands like to stop him but don’t . Her hips to my amazement start reacting to him and soon he is pumping two fingers in and out of her and she holds his forearm as he jackhammers her pussy she raises her hips her slick pussy in the air soaked with cum and then she exploded with yet another orgasm. Before she came down off it he pulls her back to the edge of bed on her back and slamming his cock into her again she lets out a cry and he pumps into her holding her legs apart and she rased her head face bright red and her entire body looked to lock up as she screams in pleasure and bucks her hips saying i can’t begging him to stopbut he kept pounding her pussy.
And she came again two or three more times before he unloaded again. They both spent lay on the bed and all of a sudden Tina realize it was 12:30
Shit she said you have to go he will be home. They had sex for over 3 hours
I went back to my car drive home .
Continued again

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