The Best kind of Karen, part 3

Thank you for reading the first two chapters. Here is Chapter 3 please enjoy and comment.

Chapter 3

Karen was sitting at her kitchen table on her laptop, with papers scattered all around her. A white blouse clung tight over her breast. Her black pencil skirt ended at her knees. Sheer black pantyhose encased her supple crossed legs, down to her paten leather shiny black heels. My heart beat hastened as I walked toward the table to sit down. Unaware of why I was there, and her body language gave no signals about my present. I sat at the table with Karen silent as she continued to type on her laptop. After what felt like forever, Karen broke the silence.

Karen: You have been doing a amazing job around here.
Me: Thank you, I’ve been trying my best.
Karen: That good, it definitely shows. However, I think we may have a problem.

Nervousness sets in and I can feel myself begin to sweat. Karen turns her laptop around to show me the screen, and I see myself in the laundry room.

Karen: Before you say anything I need you to know, honesty is real important to me and goes a long way. So what were you doing in the laundry room?

I felt like a bucket of sweat at that point, could’ve sworn I was speaking but I was not. Feeling backed into a corner, I just blurted our everything.

Me: I was sniffing your bag of pantyhose. I was trying to resist but I couldn’t, the smell was to intoxicating and the felt so soft on my face.
Karen pressed play on the video.

Karen: Why did you almost fall right here before you left the room?
Me: I came on myself, so I left in a hurry.
Karen: So you were pleasuring yourself with my pantyhose too.
Me: No ma’am, I was not touching myself and it just happened. Please don’t call the cops on me I’m so sorry, it’ll never happen again. I should go.

Karen calmly grabbed my hand when I stood up and told me to sit and calm down.
Karen: I’m not calling the cops. You’re safe, you just have a fetish.
Me: Yes ma’am.
Karen: Well explain to me what it is.
Me: I like the way legs and feet look in sheer pantyhose and heels.
Karen: Not a lot of girls your age wear pantyhose do they?
Me: No ma’am, and your legs and feet look amazing in your sheer hose, and I love the sound of your thighs when you walk.
Karen smirks and stared at me completely silent.

Karen: I have a lot of work to finish.
Me: Ok, I’ll go, I’m sor...
Karen: I’ve been wearing these heels all day though, and my feet could use a rub.

I sit back down and Karen put her heel on my knee. Gently, I removed her heel exposing her sheer nylon foot and toes. Instinctively I put her heel to my face, inhaling her scent. That gave me an instant erection. I took her foot in my hands and massaged her arch and her toes. The sensory feeling of her silky hose was electrifying. I felt like I was high, then I put her foot to my mouth and began sucking and licking her nylon toes. Deep in my trance I hadn’t looked up at Karen until I heard her moan. I look at her, and her eyed were locked on me while she bit her lip.
Karen: You like the way those nylon toes taste in your mouth?
Me: Yes.
Karen: Yes what?
Me: Yes ma’am.

Karen’s disposition changed, I got the vibe she wanted to be in control. Which I was ok with if I got to keep indulging.

Karen: Take your short off.
Me: Yes ma’am.

I pushed my basket ball short and underwater down to my ankles, exposing my throbbing erection. A smirk appeared on her as she gazed upon my excitement. And at that moment, she put her heels back on, crossed her legs and started doing her work again. I sat bare assed on that chair confused but still erect. Myth is was a test I thought, as she dipped he heel showing me her nylon sole. It felt like I was sitting there forever, but I was determined not to let my dick go soft. Finally Karen got and the sound of her nylon thighs walking away helped keep me hard. A couple minutes later she returned, standing behind me.

Karen: Don’t turn around.
Me: Yes ma’am.

She put the crotch of one of her worn pantyhose over my nose and mouth, and used to legs to tie around my head. The she returned to her seat in front of, crossed her nylon legs and flexed her nylon toes.

Karen: Is that what you like? My dirty pantyhose on you face.
Me: Yes ma’am.
Karen: Stroke that cock, and if you don’t cum before the timer goes off, I help you finish.

That was the hard two minutes ever. But I stayed focused and resisted letting her scent drive me crazy, and I stroked slow. I avoided my tip at all cost, knowing it would’ve been over quick. I stroked slow and steady, watching her bite lipstick stained lips and flex her red painted sheer nylon toes. Then the timer rang, and I quickly let go of myself.

Karen: Good boy.
Karen then sticks out both her legs towards me, her feet side by side. And for some reason I’m frozen.
Karen: You gonna fuck my feet, or just sit there?

I stood up, pushed her feet together so her soles touched. Then slid my dick in space between her toes and fucked it as if it were her pussy. It did take long for me to cum but I wanted my cum to fall in the right place. So right before I came I stopped thrusting and let the tip of my sit right underneath the curl of her toes, and I came. I stepped back watching my load drip down her soles, and then she rubbed them together. Soaking both the bottoms of her nylon soles in my cum. Karen put her heels back on and stood up. She grabbed my deflating cock her right hand and rubbed the pointer finger of her left hand across the tip removing more of my cum. Then rubbed my left over cum across her lips. Karen gently unraveled the pantyhose from my face, pulled me closer and kissed me with her lipstick stained cum lips.

Karen: You had a big load. Are you gonna give Ms.Karen a big load tomorrow night?
Me: Yes ma’am.
Karen: Good boy, you better. Same time tomorrow, I’ll be upstairs waiting. Don’t be late.
Me: Yes ma’am.


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  • I hate karens. you are a virus. no love and no sex for you from now on because you have done so much wrong. I am surprised you are still alive.

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