My wife Cathy and I became interested in Swinging after our daughter went to college and we joined a swinger club out of Sacramento.
It was fun and there were many wives to choose from and I did but I found out that I liked watching my wife have sex more than me doing it myself.
I would wait for some guy to approach her then follow them to the room they choose and sit quietly and watch them in action .
And as time went on we would meet with single men and I would again watch her.
Cathy has a very cute face but it s when she smiles that her face seamed to light up and her whole face becomes beautiful .
There are times that she will go out on her own when I am at work and either call me later and tell me what she has done or wait until I get home and tell me and I love it.
we have a very trusting relationship.
Last summer before this lock down I was delivering package's ( I work for UPS ) and I got a text that I should find a place to pull over so I pulled into a Wall Mart and stopped then opened up my messages and I saw that she had left a short clip so I opened it up and I saw her prefect smile but her lips looked swollen and her lipstick was smeared her hair was a mess and there was this thick cock across her face and it was rigid then she said hi hon I wanted you to see this I have him almost ready to cum so watch and she raised up still looking into the camera and she opened her mouth and swallowed his mushroom cock head and began to stroke his shaft and her lips followed her fingers up and down.
His shaft was slimy with her saliva and she was still looking into the camera and her eyes sparkled with mischief .
I really expected him to cum very quickly but she sucked him for almost two minutes before he started to moan and he laid his hand on the back of her head and forced more of his cock into her mouth .
Cathy was still looking into the camera but now she was trying to control his depth and I heard HA HAAWWWWWW then he made a grunting sound and Forced her mouth all the was down into his pubic hair straining against her lips and Cathy was swallowing as fast as she could.
He held her there for long seconds as his body jerked in release then I heard him sigh and he began to relax.
Now Cathy had some control and she looked back into the camera as she released his cock and she started licking his shaft and balls several times she swallowed his cock sucking noisily then she gave me her beautiful smile and laughed saying god that was a big load hon I will tell you all about my day later love you and the clip ended.
God I love this gal.

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