Back deck action

Hot steamy summer night. Friend over for a bbq, beers, vodka and ice teas and wine. The three of us reclined in Adirondack chairs enjoying a beautiful Summer’s evening the sun having set and candle light providing a soft glow. Of course we all had a glow going as my wife sat relaxed between us and we started telling tales of sexual adventures. She started off recounting an on-line relationship she had developed years before marriage that grew and developed from casual chatting to emotional sharing to cyber sex and eventually a travel and meet scenario. The end result was she met the other party and had her first bbc experience. She said her lover was so well endowed she could barely accommodate him having to have him ease it into her and work it in and out until she could take it all. She’d never been that stuffed before.

Now truth is having never heard her tell this story I found myself with a growing erection in my shorts, looked over to see a large bulge in my buddies pants as well. My wife sat between us in tight fitting tee and shorts and I reached a hand over to caress her thigh my friend tentatively doing the same from his side. We both began stroking and rubbing her legs and what started at the top soon moved towards her inner thighs. Working higher and higher from her knees towards her inseam. She stretched her legs out on the foot rest and spread them allowing our two hands to continue their exploration delving under the legs of her shorts. My buddy’s fingers pushed aside and up inside her panties and he began to caress her outer pussy lips. “Wait a second , boys”, she said and unbuttoned her shorts and quickly stood up a tad unstable thanks to the wine and dropped them and her panties to the deck and sat back down.

My buddy turned towards her and began rubbing her pussy in earnest. His fingers slipped inside her and she turned and kissed me deeply while he started to fingers fuck her. I was raging hard in my pants. My wife kissing me deeply with my buddy’s middle and index fingers hooked up and thrusting in and out of my wife’s pussy.

We both clamoured to remove her tee shirt pulling it up over her head and I fumbled with her bra strap when she leaned forwards- her large but firm breasts spilling out - her nipples jutting out erect in the night air. I began cupping her right breast and tugging gently on her nipple standing beside her and she unzipped my shorts pulling my cock out to lick the head, presuming spilling from its little mouth. Then she sucky my cock into her mouth bobbing her head and taking it all to the back of her throat.

My buddy in turn dropped his shorts and began to beat his cock while he thrust his fingers into her cunt. The sound of her wetness was sticky and sweet. She moved her hips and ground her mound against his hand with those two fingers deep inside her.

I so wanted her to lay down and let my buddy plow her pussy while she sucked me but I was on the brink as she sucked hard and fast making me swell in her mouth. My buddy’s cock was so much larger than mine.

I came in her mouth and my buddy shot his load all over her left tit, the cum running down to drip on her stomach and into the top of her trim bush. Not being a swallower she let my load dribble out down her chin and onto her tits. They were glistening wet with jizz and saliva. It looked so awesome in the candlelight - wife decorated with both my cum load and another man’s cum shot at practically the same time.

“Maybe one of you would be so kind as to get me a towel?” she asked and laughed.

It was an awesome end to an evening and the only time I’ve ever shared my wife though the desire still manifests itself now and then.

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  • I don’t think she’s there yet but we’ll see how things develop ... hoping more for a DP but she’s really not into anal save for manual stim.

  • How about you up her ass and your friend in her pussy , that is what she was hoping for , maybe next time , from nyc

  • Love it

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