My wife and I have had sex thousands of times. The times that stand out in my memory are mostly in locations other than in a bed. The best one was during the daytime on a dock by the ocean at a house in Martha's Vineyard where we didn't realize it but were visible to many people sitting in their boats who cheered when we were done. The second best was on the leather couch of a doctor that she was house sitting for and the third was in my station wagon parked at the side of a quiet country road with cars passing by. One time was in bed in our apartment when we were woken up by the woman in the next apartment having sex and her bed hitting the common wall. We started fucking after they finished now knowing that they would hear us like we just heard them. Another time in bed was a hot summer night and we fucked while we heard people talking right outside our open windows and we both came when we heard them talking that they could see a couple having sex in the bedroom.
What locations stand out in your memory when you had sex?

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