Turned On By The Threeway Not By The Taboo

I moved in with this girl so I could be independent of home life. I let my sexual desires overcome me. She and I started to get sexually involved. I'm a bit plump, sort of flat chested and knows that my chances of getting guys is slim, so my Bi sexual involvement with her at the age of nineteen was no big deal. Carol met my older brother and told me he wasn't bad looking. "He ever tried hitting on you?" she asked me. "No! but caught him jerking off." I said. "Good size dick ?" wondered Carol. "I guess he has, compared to what I see on the internet." I replied to her. "I think it would be hot getting him involved in a threesome with us." I smiled when Carol told me that.
My brother, Bob, came over to chat a bit with me. He woofed down several beers. He watched me and Carol touching each other and kissing. "Holy Shit! you're Bi bitches!" he blurted out. We nodded our heads and said, "Just watch." We started putting our tongues in each other's mouth as Carol slipped my hand under her top. I pushed her top up exposing her huge dark puffy shape breasts that was mainly fifty percent nipples. My brother stood near us with his hand down in his pants playing with his boner.
"Let's see what you have?" Carol and I said. He pulled it out and said "Let the fun begin." We got undressed and had Bob sit on the sofa where Carol and I took turns riding his cock. We sucked each others tits while riding Bob's dick. Then Carol and I took turns face sitting Bob while we took turns giving him head.
From that day we let Bob watch us as he jerks off on Carol and me. Carol loves it when Bob shoots his load onto my camel toe kitty so she can lick it off.

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  • And we hate fucking incest!!!

  • We fucking love incest!!!!

  • Why do you have to throw incest in to this bull shit story? It would have been fine without it. Stop with the incest crap ass hole.

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