Wife Shelly

For months I had been trying to talk Sherry into having sex with some guy while I watched but she would refuse each time usually calling me a pervert because I would press the issue but she was gradually giving in a little at a tie until one night she agreed to do it but only once.
When we talked about the guy she said I don't care but be sure he is clean and trustworthy I don't want all of our friends knowing about it and no fucking just a hand job or something like that and don't expect me to respond to him because I wont.
James is a good friend and he is married to but we talked and he said he would do it even though Sherry was reluctant so on the pretense that he was going to help me paint my shed he came over Saturday and Shelly had been pissed at me for letting tis go so far and when I let him in she glared at him and said I don't want to do this Jim and I want you to know that if you ever tell anyone I am going to tell your wife .
She sat there staring at me now her jaws tight as Jim sat on the couch beside her.
Jim was not sure of what to do so I said go ahead and undress her and he began to unbutton her blouse as Shelly sat there her jaws tight looking straight ahead as he pulled her boluse over her shoulders then reached behind her and un hooked her bra and her rather small breasts were exposed.
Jim cupped one in his hand and leaned over and sucked her nipple into his mouth as Sherry gritted her teeth looking frightened now then he pushed her back and worked his hands down her leg lifting her skirt and pulling her pantry's to one side and he started to finger her.
Sherry made a sharp gasp when ins finger slipped into her then sat upright trying to ignore what was happening .
Kin stopped and stood undoing his pants and they fell to the floor as he sat back down beside her with is cock exposed now and Sherry looked straight ahead as he took her hand and placed it on his cock.
Sherry swallowed nervously but ignored it until he wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to use her hand to masturbate with getting his soft cock hard.
None of us had said a word all this time as he fingered her pussy and stroked his dick with the other hand until his cock was hard and he was determined to get her to respond so he again stood and kneeled in front of her pulling her ass to the edge of the couch and his head bent forward and he began to lick her pussy and then Sherry did gasp and he body began to respond but she quickly regained control and sat still again but her breathing had speeded up and she was breathing through her lips now .
Jim lifted her legs over his shoulders and he began to really do some serious pussy eating and then finally Sherry began to respond her body began to undulate and she reached down with her hands on his head and she moaned softly and using her legs for leverage she began to buck her pussy against his lips and she was breathing harshly now and her fingers tangled in his hair as she forced his mouth against her Jim's head was rocking back and forth now as she took control and Sherry comes vey good
I watched n shock as she cried out grinding her pussy against his teeth as she came and then her body began to jerk as she moaned in release with a beautiful smile of satisfaction as she orgasmed on his tongue,
After she came she began to giggle and her face was red n embarrassment and when Jim pushed her legs apart and moved forward she no longer resisted and I watched him fuck and he pulled out before he came and he shot his cum on her belly and pussy.
Sherry no longer complains when I ask her to have sex with a guy while I watch.


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  • Ok that is so awesome wish I could get my wife to do that thank you for the story

  • Hot, lovely

  • How many guys has she fucked recently? Have you brought up to her having sex in public places with other guys? Like at bars or clubs?

  • Not yet I dont want to press to hard.

  • Only three guys so far but with Jim they have done it several times.

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