I'm straight so why did I hook up with a gay man?

I was at the mall a couple of weeks ago, in the restroom, taking a piss, an older male walked in and went to a urinal a couple of slots next to mine, didn't think much of it, was wearing my mask he wore his. When I finished, I took a slight step back to shake my cock and I caught the edge of a mat, nearly falling back and over. The older white man turned and giggled as I stumbled back and bounced off a wall, my cock dangling. I was embarrassed and quite unable to balance myself. I noticed that the man was looking very intently at me, really focused on my dangling cock. I put myself back inside my pants and as I was walking out he yelled "thanks for the show". I didn't say anything and walked out, deciding to take a stroll at the mall. I noticed that the make was walking the mall as well pushing an older male on a while chair and Everytime we walked past each other he would stare at me.a while later I went to the restroom again and low and behold he was i.side, washing his hands. When I walked in he saw me and said " you must be following me" his mask was off and I noticed that he was a rather good looking man, I later learned he was 60 and the man he was pushing on the wheel chair was his 70 year old husband. He was rather petite, with shoulder length hair and he had a very feminine look to him. I freaked out not knowing what to say, he followed up by saying that he should wait until I finish in case I tripped again and he chuckled. As he walked out he said, I wouldn't want that big brown dick of yours to get hurt so let me know if you need a hand, he then walked out and left me stunned not knowing what to say or do, just standing there feeling a hard on slowly creeping in. I went to the stall and started taking my piss I then noticed that he walked back inside looking at me with his arms crossed. I turned, looked at him and he pulled his mask down and smiled at me. He asked if I was done and subconsciously I responded yes, I was hard by this time, he asked me if I needed a hand and by this time I was thinking with my cock, I told him yes

He put his mask on, walked over to me and placed his small hand on my shoulder telling me to step back carefully which I did. He saw my hard cock and said "wow that is so meaty" taking his right hand and grabbing my cock head, rolling it on his fingers, rubbing the ore-cum all over the head. He then asked me over to a toilet stall I was thinking for sure he is going to suck my cock but what if we get caught, I feared out a bit. We walked in, he closed the door behind him and then unbuckled my belt, undid the button on my pants grabbed a handful of my cock and began pushing it inside my pants. Just before though, he noticed a big stream of pre-cum pouring out of my cock and he took it with his thumb and rubbed it on my head and down the shaft before finally forcing my hard coxc inside my underwear. He giggled while he tried to zip up my pants saying that my cock didn't want to cooperate. He opens the door and walked out leaving me standing there with a throbbing and painful hard on inside my pants. I ended up following him, once again he would stare at me while we crossed paths. I walked inside a store and noticed him walk in behind me. I walked to a corner with no one there and as he walked up to me he handed me a business card. He told me his name, mentioned he was there with his husband (who had a stroke a few years back) and would like to have a cup of coffee with me.

He also apologized for doing more than helping me, when he rubbed my cockk, he admitted he had to talk himself out of sucking me due to the virus stuff and fear of being caught.we said goodbye and I texted him that afternoon, speaking on the phone later that night. He said he and his husband had an understanding that he was allowed to look for someone to have sex with since the husband was not able to pleasure him anymore. That he was not sexually active and had not been since his partner had a stroke and that he was looking to find one man only.

Long story short, he and his husband invited me to their home and we absolutely hit it off., The husband gave us the thumbs up and we made arrangements to get tested a couple of days later. Before I left, he said he owed me something, he then took me by the hand, walked me to the living room and sat me down. He took a condom out of his pocket and got on his knees in front of me. He said that it would have to be protection until all the tests came back clear.. he then proceeded to give me the most incredible protected blow job I'd even received ...I will be posting the rest of the story soon

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