I caught her

So I work 3rd shift. I sleep during the day and usually sleep in the spare bedroom. Just for the reason of her coming home and not having to stay out of the bedroom and that our bedroom during the day has way too much light.

So about 4 days ago I had woke up a couple hours early. I heard my wife come in the house. I guess she had company with her. It was a guy. Not unordinary because she sometimes has friends over. I heard him say, "When does he go to work?" She said, "Not for a few hours but the kids get home in an hour. It will be ok tho." He said, "What will?" She said, "We can go back in the bedroom." He said, "Your husband is here." She said, "So? Fuck him. Too busy with his butt buddy getting his dick sucked to fuck me. I need your dick in me...like now."

Then nothing. So I waited about 10 minutes and tip toed back to the master bedroom. He's laying on the bed and she is sucking his dick. All sloppy. He said, "You like that?" She said, "Mmm. Love this dick. I need it in me." She got on top of him and started riding.

I watched the whole thing. Dick in hand jacking while watching this guy fuck the shit out of my wife. I waited till she had cum and he had cum. She went limp on top of him. Then I backed up like 20 ft and walked back loud enough for her to know I was awake. I rubbed my eyes as I was walking into the room said, "Hey babe. What's up?" She looked over at me mortified and said,"Oh fuck. Honey. I...uh..." I said, "I saw the whole thing. Don't try to talk your way out of it."

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  • ‘I need your dick in me now’, said no woman ever. Seriously what a fucking lame ass story.

  • My ex used to enjoy porn like dialogue. It may not be common, but it is not impossible.

  • Really? my wife said it just the other night after i went down on her..... she came, sat up and abruptly said " I NEED to suck your dick right now, put it in me" I didn't last long LOL!

  • Well if you were standing there jerking off and watching it sounds like there is no question here. You're turned on watching her get fucked by another guy. She likes fucking other guys. So if she's that horny why not just let her bring guys home so you can watch or have 3 somes with? And if you are bi or gay find guys you can both share. Other than that I'd say kick her ass to the curb. As a former PI, I can tell you once a cheater always a cheater.

  • She sought to excuse her cheating by telling the guy you were gay. You, however, remain silent on this point. Let's say this is untrue, and she just said it to put the guy at ease. You, nonetheless still need to reflect upon whether working a 3rd shift, which means you keep different social hours from your wife, not sleeping in the same bed, failing to fulfill her sexual needs is damaging your relationship. It's not OK to seek to justify the neglect the emotional and physical love of a partner on the basis that you are seeking to earn a living, particularly if your wife is also working and you are not supporting her. To assume otherwise will result in scenarios precisely like this because you have mistakenly assumed that she is there purely to serve your needs as and when to require them. Gay or not, it's your fault.

  • 7 days and nothing new. i doubt nothing has been submitted. SLOW ADMIN!

  • 10 days.....

  • 12 days?

  • I’m sure you saw the whole thing cause you mentioned she knew you were home.
    So if you love guys why stay married?
    Is it because you live cock and wanted to see a real guy fuck her?

  • I think you liked it, and you have a secret gay lover on the side as well.

  • Well, she wasn't being shy about it by doing it when you were there. She's total trash. Dump her. I used to work 3rd shift for 4 years, and learned that my wife was going out with a "friend" who knew a ton of guys. They'd have casual sex with the guys a couple times a week at her friend's place. I never would have known about it, but I found pics and texts on her phone. The divorce went swiftly.

  • Now you know as long as its only the one guy let it happen everything will be OK

  • I had a wife who was cheating on me, you should have gotten video of it for sure that way you get everything. I had over a dozen of them to show my attorney, even one where she was sideways on the bed taking it from behind and looking right towards the cam. She cried a lot as we watched some highlights after I had served her, she denied everything at first but when I showed her one of them she about crapped her panties. She was begging me not to divorce her but I went all out getting everything I could from her.

  • A guy coming out on the better side of a divorce settlement is a rare thing.

  • Doesn't get much better than no longer being married to a bitch IMO. So I'll take whatever comes along with it :)

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