Man with transgender desires

I’m a married trysexual I’d like to ! My desires has try anything once !
I’d love to a nice well h. Hung transgenders dick to suck on and make them put their hands on top of my head and push my head down on their hard dick and make me gag on it until they Cumm in my mouth and all over my face .
I’ve had guys do that to me and smack me in my face with their hard dicks ! That gets me so horny and makes me want even more from them!
I’ve never been able to be with a sexy transgender before !
I really want to have a transgender make me get down on my knees in front of them and make me suck on their hard dicks and bend over the side of the bed and fuck me in my ass balls deep and make me feel like a real cock whore ! That’s been my desire for a long time !
So I finally found the person I was looking for .
Over the weekend I decided to go to a local nightclub for a few drinks bro relax my nerves knowing what I was going to do if I found the right person I’ve been sucking for . After a few long hours passed by and a few drinks I was about to head home just as I started to walk the door I bumped into someone that was walking in to the nightclub so I said sorry and then we stopped and started to talk to each other! So I decided to stay for a little longer I asked if I can get her a drink with me ! I already knew that it wasn’t a woman at all but the outfit said outhr wise .
So we went back into the nightclub together and had a few drinks and talked for a little while and then she asked me if I wanted to join her at the hotel where she was staying at. Of course I said yes at this point I was so horny . So I paid for our drinks and we walked to the hotel where she was staying at we went inside of the hotel room and started kissing and grabbing each other’s bodies like we’ve been together for years so I picked her up and walked over to the bed and laying her down on the bed and slowly made my way down between her legs and and pulled off the panties and start sucking on the nice fat cock she had between her legs. A few minutes later the 2 of us got undressed and started to suck each other’s ducks I told her that I really want to get fucked in my ass so bad and I n my ass and how I needed to be fucked for a long time that I can’t wait no more and you’re going to be the one that going to pop my cherry. Yes I never had a dick up my ass before!
So I got up and bent over the of bed she didn’t have any lubricant for her to fuck my ass so she went down between my legs and started sucking on my asshole and pushed her finger inside of my asshole it felt so damn good when she pulled her finger out and started to push her hard dick inside of my ass it started to hurt at first but after she got the head of her dick inside of my ass it was such a intense feeling I never had before . After she was all the way inside of me she started to speed up her pace . That’s when I told her to let me roll over onto my back so she can look me in my eyes while she’s pounding my ass for my first time . I told her to fuck my ass as hard as she wants to I’m going to really enjoy it so much but don’t Cumm inside me because I want you to Cumm in my mouth so I can taste it in my mouth and be able to swallow it all down my throat and when you’re done pounding my ass I’ll start fucking your ass if you want me to . She started to go faster and faster just as she started to Cumm she pulled out of my ass and told me to get down on my knees in front of her so she can Cumm in my mouth so I did what she told me to do and just as I got down on my knees in front of her she pushed her dick into my mouth and held my head until she had pumped all of her Cumm down my throat that was so intense that I almost passed out!
She told me that that she never had a man to that to her before !
Now my dick is so hard that I told her to lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide open so I can give her the pleasure that she gave me so I went down between her legs and licked her ass and balls to make her hard again than I started to work my dick inside of his ass and started to go faster and harder that’s when she taped her legs around my waist and pulled me deep inside her ass and made me Cumm inside of her ass ! Of course me never being with a transgender person before after I got done cumming inside of her ass I went down and started to licking my Cumm from her bass hole . After I was done eating my Cumm from her ass she grabbed me and pulled up to her mouth and we started kissing again . The intense feeling I was getting was so crazy I never felt like that before in my life !
So we hooked up a few times before before she had to go back to Florida Behr was on a Business trip Business trip . So I guess that she got a business trip and pleasure trip I’m one !!

1 month ago


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    • Like like trangender fucking

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    • That sounds like a lot of fun with stranger ! I wish I was able to make it happen to me !

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