Mother Daughter

I've had this fantasy of watching a previous girlfriend and her mother playing with each other.

The real part-
The mother caught us having sex once. I was naked in front of her as she opened the bedroom door. She saw everything.

The three of us had a long chat in the mother's bedroom afterwards. During the course of our discussion, the mom made some remarks with some sexual overtones. And comments about seeing my body with no clothes.

That's where my fantasy begins.

My girlfriend's mom is scolding us for having sex. She instructs my girlfriend and I to stand in front of her. Still naked.

She wonders how long this has been going on and such. When my girlfriend gets a little disrespectful with her mom, her mother tells her to get over her knee.
Reluctantly, she complies.

Her mother gives her a few seats on the butt, right in front of me. Then rests her hand on her daughter's butt.
She asks her more questions about our sexual experiences.

Then, as I stand naked in front of her, she begins fingering her daughter as she lay prone over her lap.
My girlfriend struggles initialy. Embarrassed that her mother is pleasuring her in front of me.

My penis becomes hard immediately. Mom sees it and comments on it. "Oh, you like watching me finger your girlfriend, don't you"?
I nod.
She has me come closer. She leans forward and puts her mouth on my erection as she continues to finger my girlfriend.

... You can imagine how the rest of it goes.

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  • An old old girlfriend's mom caught us. We were 19 and 18. She goes to the market every Thur night for 2 hours, 2 hours of slut daughter having her way with me. She forgot her wallet and walks in on Sally riding me like a jockey. I'm really hung but neither of us really think so -- we never had other sex partners to tell me how big I am. But mom has. "Whoa" then she gives us hell but her eyes are glued to my dick that just won't go down. After that she was always real flirty with me. She lets us do it the rec room basement. Sally says one night to mom, it was really creepy how long you looked at his dick. 'Guess you don't know but he's really big." One night at a wedding she has too many drinks, we end up making out, I feel her up and finger her, she's inside my pants feeling me up. Week later she calls me up and says sorry -- please don't tell, my husband will divorce me, Sally will disown me. 1969 memories.
    Ran into Sally on a hiking trail last year. Said I was the only guys she ever did oral with, husbands says it for whores. We go in the woods and 69. In the parking lot she gives me a blowjob.

  • Ahhhhbullshit it's always fake when the OP states how hung he is. When in fact he is hung like a stud field mouse.

  • Stupid auto correct.
    It was supposed to say, 'swats on the butt'.

  • Lol. Nice fantasy though ;)

  • Thanks. It's been years since I've seen them. But I still think about them.

  • Something's you never forget!

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