My Girlfriend family fantasy

I am 16 years old and I have a hypno fetish, I have the fantasy of hypnotizing my girlfriend family, her mom, her aunt and her little sister (all of them are really hot) and make them my sexslaves. just thinking about them serving me doing anything I want, dressing in any sexy clothes I desire is just so incredible, I have been practising on my girlfriend and she actually did and said stuff under hypnosis, but I wonder if it would actually work on that scale, her mom is quite easy to talk to, so it may be a good to try my luck, regardless, for now is a really hot fantasy I have.

2 months ago

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    • Would love an update if it works or not and what you gf thinks

    • Hello, not exactly an update since I havent try it on her family, but I did trance my girlfriend in the past and I have keep doing it to test things, I told her about my idea while she was in trance (after I worked on her for some time) and she was reluctant, but in some session after that one I have been moving her to the idea by changing the words, mostly who she and her family are during trance, so far she while in trance she likes it (even made her masturbate with it) but while she is normal she doesnt know.

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