Jogging wife grabbed by group of boys in the park

We live near a public park and my wife enjoys going for a run every night after work, but recently she told me that she is now being tormented by a group of local boys. It had begun innocently at first with just harmless whistles and cat calls as she ran past them, but then as time went on they grew bolder and started to reach out and touch her or try to grab her breasts as she ran past.
She admitted to me that the thought of what might happen had seriously aroused her.
She then went on to tell me that one evening had happened. The boys had actually caught her. They had been waiting behind some bushes that skirted her route and as she approached two of them came running over to intercept her, not sure how to react, she had stopped and let them approach, but as soon as they were face to face, the older of the two boys reached up and put his hand straight onto her breasts squeezing them firmly in his hands and pinching her nipple through the thin fabric of her top.
She instinctively lifted her hand to stop him, but he caught her firmly by wrist pulling it sharply back down by her side, then as his friend held her arms behind her, he pulled her up close to him, rubbing his crotch against her as he continued to squeeze and massage her breast.
She could feel the bulge of his swollen cock pressing hard against her pussy and her body was so overwhelmed with excitement that she just stood there motionless and let him continue, even allowing him to slide his hand under her top and inside her bra, her nipples stiffened and tingled at the touch of his cold fingers as he proceeded to squeeze them, the other boy noticing her lack of resistance reached behind to unclip and lift her bra, exposing both her breasts into their waiting hands, then almost lifting her, they manoeuvre her towards a much more secluded area where they could continue unseen. She felt the cool air on her skin as they lifted her top completely off and discarded it onto the floor, taking a breast each and sucking and kissing her erect nipples. One of them bent her over and eased down her shorts, she was trembling with excitement as she felt the first boy enter her from behind and offered no resistance as the second boy pressed the head of his cock against her lips; it wasn't long before she felt her mouth flood with cum as he exploded into her. Seeing her hungrily suck and swallow his friend and then lick the last few drops from the tip was all too much for the other boy and he followed on quickly as she felt his hot cum jetting deep into her pussy. After a brief moment holding her there in position, they released their grip on her and stepped back to take one final look at their conquest before slipping away back into the park.

I have had her repeat this story to me many times since and it never fails to make me hard reliving what they did to her.

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  • My friends and I was getting drunk back in high school at the river a couple girls walked over to us 12 yr olds. We was between 16 and 18 yrs old 7 total friends they asked for a beer and we got them drunk. We started feeling them up and stripped them naked they was nervous but never said no. We took turns on them in the back of our cars over and over till it was starting to get light. They had tight little pussys im about average size a couple friends was huge. Jerry over 9”long and a cock head the size of a pool ball with a even thicker shaft gapped them out. We had each girl on her knees at one point guys surrounding them with each hand stroking a cock and a mouth full. Jerry was holding little Ashley standing his cock balls deep her legs hanging she was exhausted. He just walked around with her perch on his cock she kept saying you really big inside of me. Eventually everyone had to go I was worried after figuring any minutes we was going to get arrested. That was over 20 yrs ago

  • Bullshit. No woman who runs on a regular basis would:
    1. Wear a bra with clips
    (She’d wear a sports bra)

    2. Run without a bra at all.

    Nice fantasy though.

  • There is more to this story; We both knew what they would have in store for her after what she let them do to her, they would be waiting for her again and hoping for more, so with my encouragement she returned to the park, but this time I instructed her to wear a tight white top and no bra. It was so hot to see the outline of her nipples through the thin material and the way her breasts bounced as she ran towards the park entrance. This time I followed at a distance entering the park by a different route and keeping well out of sight. She knew that I would not be able to resist the opportunity to watch and it seemed that I was not to be disappointed. Word must have spread between the group, as there were now five figures congregating around a park bench. The light was fading and there was no one else left in the park, they didn’t see me take up my position behind some nearby trees where I had a perfect view of the scene.
    I watched as my wife approached them and heard the excited tones in their voices as the boys stood up ready to intercept her. Just as she had described they took hold of her and sat her down between them on the bench. As their hands explored, they looked so thrilled to discover that she was not wearing a bra and they were able to easily lift her top to expose her tits to their friends. It was amazing to see them all surrounding and groping her as they rubbed their erections. From her sitting position she was able to lean forward and take each cock in turn. Even from my distance I could hear their gasps and my wife’s moans as one of them vigorously fingered her.
    I watched as she sucked them they were grabbing her hair and pushing her head firmly down onto their cocks as they desperately grabbed handfuls of her beautiful tits. Realising that they were near to Cumming, she sank to her knees with her mouth wide open and let each of them splash their hot cum onto her face. What an insatiable slut she has become!

  • Hell! I want to start jogging in this park and get to be the star of a blow bang.

  • Ok so now I'm jacking off. Any chance you had taken some pictures ?

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