Being young

This may seem boring to some but for me it opened the door to masterbation for me or rather a more fulfilling masterbation experience.
When I was 11 we moved to a new neighborhood and I didn’t know anyone so I spent a lot of time sitting out side watching other kids play when one day this other girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to to come hang out with her and I jumped at it and said yes so I told my mom I was gonna go hang out with a new friend and we went off together and walked to the park and from that day on we were bf’s. One day several weeks later I was spending the night at her house and she said she wanted to show me something and I was like ok, well she took me in her parents room (they were picking up food for us) and she opened her dads laptop I was a little afraid because we were obviously not supposed to be in there. She pulled up her dads history and clicked on a link and this video came up of 2 women pleasuring each other I remember I was like omg! I had never seen anything like that before but I couldn’t take my eyes off it! And I remember getting this really intense ticklish feeling down below as I watched these women touch each other lick each other along with a whole lotta other things. We giggled and laughed at some of the stuff and then we heard the car pull up so she shut it off and we ran back to her room and giggled and talked about it till her mom called us out to eat. As we sat there I kept thinking about that video and then the tickling feeling came back so I squirmed around in my chair a lot and when we were finished eating my friend and I went back to her room and as I walked I noticed I felt wet down below but I really had no idea why? I kept thinking did I spill something or did I pee a little bit? So I just ignored it and went on talking to my friend. We watched a movie later on and and then her Dad said it was time for us to go to sleep so we went back to her room and started getting ready for bed. I got my T-shirt I slept in out and said I was gonna go in the bathroom to change and she asked why? Well I had never changed in front of anyone other then my mother so I just shrugged and said I dunno she laughed and said just change right here it’s no big deal. And she took off her shirt and I was pleasantly surprised to see she had the start of growing boobs just like me so I took my shirt off too and put my T-shirt on. We brushed our teeth and went to bed and she had these cool lights that made her room kinda glow so it wasn’t completely dark in there next to her I kept thinking about the video and again I felt that wetness but I was too embarrassed to say anything so I stayed silent but then she rolled over to face me and said you want to do some of those things we saw? I was shocked and embarrassed but I said like what? She was like I dunno like the touching stuff I said I don’t know won’t we get in trouble? She said not if we are quiet I hesitated but said ok. She said ok I will start but we both have to take off our shirts and panties I said ok and we both quickly and quietly got undressed then we laid back down and I said now what? She said ok I’m gonna touch you then you do the same to me I was like ok... so first she rubbed on my little titties they were just slightly bigger then hers and something electric went off in me and that tickle feeling turned into a throb! I just kinda sighed and then she moved her hand down to my private part and start touching me and she said omg your all wet too! I was like you too? Omg what is that??? We giggled and went on with it. She started rubbing me and it felt so good that I reached over and started rubbing her and she started moaning quietly then I felt her finger enter me and I started moaning and she kept going in and out very slowly and I was ha i g all these feelings down there and I had no idea what was going on but she stopped and then started sucking on my titties or rather licking and kinda sucking damn I had no idea how good this was gonna feel but that throbbing started getting intense and all she did was reach down and touch me and BAM something happened! Of course I had no idea at the time I came for the first time so I wanted her to feel just as good and I started licking her titties and then I started fingering her and all of a sudden my fingers were all wet with a thick like substance and she was like omg do you feel that and I said yes! We giggled and said ok we better go to sleep but we should do this again! And from that day forward we often had sleep overs and we graduated to anal play I would grind on her thighs and we would lick each other’s pussy and may other things that involved toys. Now I’m 28 and when I’m not with my boyfriend and I’m hornet all I have to do is remember those times and get one of my many toys out and or even just ginger myself and I get off and explode into cum heaven. Now my friend and I haven’t seen each other in about 3 years but we are planning a girls trip in about 2 months and she said we will have to see if we are still any good at our old games! I’m so excited and I have been getting off to the idea almost every day! And even now I’m soaking wet just thinking about it so I may have to pull out my tickler lol ;)


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  • I did your mom. She is hot

  • Jacking off noe

  • My friends and I used to fuck each other all the time when we were around 14/15. We’d take days off school to stay home and have sex. We used to send videos to boys and we felt so naughty. I’m wet just thinking about it again.

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