Mom french kissed me

My mom's friends brought her home after the company holiday party and she was totally hammered.
They brought her to the door, she fell into my arms and started kissing me on the lips she even tried sticking her tongue in my mouth. This was in front of her friends too!
Mom rarely drinks.
They left early because mom had too much to drink and was making out with a manager. BTW: He's married and his wife didn't come. They were afraid things would get out of hand so they left.
Once they were gone, I helped mom to bed and she french kissed me again.
She had a bad hangover the next morning. I asked if she remembered anything. She didn't.

1 month ago

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    • Why didn't you at least feel her up?

    • Should have fucked her

    • My mom kisses me on the lips when drunk. The girls in my family are cheek kissers which is what I grew up with. The first time my mom did was at my last birthday party after a few shots and beers. She had to wipe off the lipstick and just laughed.

    • You should have put your dick in her mouth

    • Sounds like the start of something great!

    • Missed opportunity!!

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