I let a family friend top me

Im 23. I visit a family members house quite frequently. They are friends with the neighbors across the street. Its an older couple with one son. The wife is very mean to the husband and constantly kicks him out. This particular day, I was the only one at my relatives house. He comes over and asks if he could stay here for an hour. We begin talking and get to talking about sex. He says he doesn't get much now and wished to be young like me. I then jokingly recommend having a gay encounter. He then asks me if ive ever had a gay encounter. I said yes. My friend and i have been hooking up for a couple years. He suddenly seemed interested. He asked questions of what we would do. He said it sounded like it would feel good. I assured him it did. I then casually threw it out there that if he ever wanted to experiment, id be down. I looked down at his pants and he saw.He then sat up from the chair and unzipped his pants. He asked me to pull it out. I obliged and gave him oral. I made sure to give my best to show him how good it feels. After awhile, I could feel him start to orgasm. He exploded in my mouth. After, i suggested that if he thought that felt good, id let him put it somewhere else and itd feel a lot better. We walked to my uncles room and i took off my clothes, as did he. I took him in my mouth again and got him hard. Then i oiled up and eased him into me in doggystyle. He slowly pushed in. Then he slowly started thrusting.
Then faster and more deep and intense. I could tell he hadnt had sex in a while. We went for about five minutes. Then, i felt him speed up and let out a nice moan. He filled me up. He gave me three last deep thrusts, then pulled out. We than talked a while, then we put our clothes back on and exchanged numbers. I told him if he wanted it again, please don't hesitate to call
He agreed and went back to his wife. Probably the hottest encounter of my life. Im 23 and he's about 55-56.


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  • I don't know what causes it but after an older boy pushed his penis into my butt and squirted his sperm in me it's like all I think about??? It kinda hurts when he first puts it in me but then it like feels so nice and after he does it first his friend's penis doesn't hurt me at all when he does it right away, how come???

  • Hey you can be my bottom buddy any day. Call me the skipper and you'll be my little buddy.

  • Love to be your bottom. The more the better.

  • I'm teenage Male lover to an adult friend of my grandma's. It's so cool!

  • Lots of married dads in their 50’s enjoy having a young male lover. Their wives no longer want sex or will even give them a blow job or hand job. Go ahead and call him, have some fun with no attachments or lovey dovey stuff, just some good sweaty sex.

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