How I became female

I had a job in Saudi Arabia in a town of Ad Damman i use to dress as a woman as i was a cross dresser going shopping etc , One day a Arab start chat with me then after 2 weeks he invited me to his home we had dinner we chatted about me dressed as a woman he told me that the law in Saudi Arabia was you had to be a guy or woman not gay so if you dress as a woman you must have a sex change , i smile we chat more gave me wine to drink then black out the next day i woke up the guy said i take you to have your sex change now before i know it i was in a hospital have the operation I woke up after it with a pussy and given hormones to take when i got out i was dressed as a Arab woman the guy pick me up took me to his place and forced me to marry him live as man wife till he pass away I then went to British Embassy told them what happen they got me on a flight back to the UK were i now live with Boy friend

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