I'm cruel

I'm kind of embarrassed for my buddy when I see him with my cock in his mouth. It makes me shake my head to know that after I fuck him he walks around with loads of my cum in his ass. He was my best friend for years but ever since I found out he was a fag I think the only thing he's good for is sucking my cock. To me it doesn't even feel like sex. It's more like I'm just doing things to him with my hard on. I fuck him in the mouth, I fuck him up the ass. And then I leave. I guess I'm just cruel.

11 months ago


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    • You both get what you want but just to let you know you are not straight but bi being you are having gay sex with him, nothing wrong with that

    • It's only fucking, and that's what's so good about it. Remember that saying when you were younger, "find 'em, feel 'em, fuck 'em and forget 'em", even though at that age is was more talk then action. But when you find someone to live that out with, it's awesome! My ex-wife's husband often invites me over to fuck her so he can watch her suffer with my cock up her ass. It's great, I fuck her ass abusively, blow my load into it, then leave. Sometimes my present wife will come along so she can fuck my ex's tits until she cums all over them.

      It's only fucking, and that the best kind.

    • I love my straight friends that just use my mouth or ass to bust a nut, and leave. Not cruel at all.

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