Revving contest I cheated

I got this girl to do a contest. A revving contest who can rev the engine the hardest. If she wins she gets the car if I win I get any sexual desire from her once a week for a year. She went first and she did a really good job. The best that she could she revved it as hard as she could her right foot went crazy on the gas pedal. The only problem was the engine would not go past 3500 rpm a rev limiter stopped it from revving any higher if the car is in neutral or park. I started my revving but when I turned the car on I let it roll forward a little bit on first gear and then pushed the clutch in and revved the engine and it revved all the way to the redline at 7000 rpm it sounded much louder and was a winner. She looked defeated and immediately told me I had her beat. I won hell yeah I told her to get on her knees and start sucking. The last 9 months she has been giving me any sexual desire that I ask of her once a week.

3 months ago

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    • What girl would agree to such a stupid bet?

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